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Serie A news 2013-14

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grifo-giovanni fiorucci14
The Grifo Perugia does not stand the collision against the formation of Tesse that exceeds Monsignori for well? times. For Ricci and Fiorucci only personal satisfactions (2-11)
At the Comunale di San Sisto Grifo Perugia of Giovanni Fiorucci with a foot now in B, was faced with a ruthless Torres and perhaps even a little respectful of the opponents, who has ramped up scoring eleven goals. Mathematics still does not condemn the Perugians, but with only four games to play the play-outs seem to be seriously compromised.

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A bitter transfer to the turtles, which had hit a pole with Pirone on the 0-0.
Verona's is confirmed as one of the most difficult trips for Napoli Calcio Femminile. The Neapolitans were beaten with a large score (7-0), despite having had a sensational opportunity to take the lead at the start of the game. The contemporary defeats of Perugia, Inter and Como, however, leave unchanged the ranking in the hot positions of the race to the play-out.
The Neapolitans had the opportunity to go on 0-1 after only 5 ', but Pirone, on the counterattack, was first stopped by Ohrstrom and then, on the rejected, hit a resounding pole with an empty net.

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The Perugian women's team is ready for the match against Torres, the third force in the championship. Absent Fiorucci Corinna and Parise, but with the azure Marinelli is available again.
Saturday 12 April will be staged in San Sisto the challenge between Grifo Perugia and Torres. The Umbrian team will have to defend themselves from the arrival of the third force of the top league, on the card a lot of high difficulty, but the Perugians now can not afford more to look at these formalities. The ranking situation in fact penalizes the Grifo that, after a series of hitches, finds himself having to fight with the nails and teeth for any point and against any opponent, even more than before.

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For the 26 ^ day of Serie A, Brescia returns to the walls of friends and will do so to face the postponement of Chiasiellis. In fact, it will be played on Sunday at 15, at the Club Azzurri di Mompiano. The lionesses will have the opportunity to improve the record of 22 consecutive victories, as well as keep distance from the pursuers. On the other hand the Chiasiellis, in the middle of the relegation zone, arrives in Brescia after two heavy victories obtained against Perugia and Scalese, direct opponents for salvation.

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The women's Serie A championship has reached the eleventh day of the second round.
After a swinging championship for many teams came the final rush, one in which it is time to pull out their teeth and play everything for everything.
Also the Fimauto Valpolicella is here. After a good round the rossoblu had some difficulties especially in terms of results, a physiological trend for a team in the first season in Serie A.
Tomorrow the rossoblu will be on the pitch in Milan and they will see it with Inter, another newly promoted line but it has had an almost opposite path: a round not too positive round but with a good round of return that has raised it in key salvation and only 5 points behind the Valpolicellesi.

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The Neapolitans hunting for points to reach salvation.
After a week off, the last season for the national team's commitments, the women's Serie A championship returns for the final rush. Tomorrow the eleventh day will be played and Napoli Calcio Femminile will play away against Verona. This is the second consecutive trip, after the one on the field of the Res Rome, and for the blue will need to get a positive result to win points that bring it back to the play-out area. The Neapolitans are back from two consecutive useful results and will not have several girls available.

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After the stop last Saturday, due to the commitments of the national team, the Res Roma women's football back in the field Saturday 12 April to face away the Scalese, Cinderella of the league, already mathematically relegated in series B.
The Giallorossi are returning from the unfortunate internal draw against Napoli, and do not win from the last 22 February, the day when captain Nagni and companions conquered the difficult field of Pordenone.

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After the long blue weekend, which has thrilled all female football fans, especially thanks to the exciting world adventure of the blue by Enrico Sbardella, the girls of Mozzanica are back on the ground of the Municipal of Vial Aldo Moro, to better prepare the delicate challenge with Florence on Saturday. Nicole Garavelli, a veteran of the World Cup in Costa Rica, has come back from among them, from whom she returned with a precious souvenir, a beautiful bronze medallion. The break allowed to recover even the players who had not been available for the derby of the previous round. Gradually then both Rizzon and Cambiaghi are recovering and can be called for Saturday. Only Giorgia Spinelli has not yet returned to the group and it seems that the injury that concerns her will give her trouble for some time. Almost certainly the defender from Bergamo will not only be available against Florence, but not even for the next round. Another absent assured on the weekend will be Chiara Piccinno, stopped for a round by the sports judge, after the expulsion remedied against Brescia. Mozzanica who must aim for victory, to keep the fifth place, waiting for the result of Tavagnacco-Riviera, which will be played on Sunday afternoon. In front of Locatelli and companions will find a fierce Florence, back from the clear victory on Grifo Perugia and protagonist of an excellent round of return, which allowed the viola of Sauro Fattori, to exit the playout area. Among the violas will be available the star Alia Guagni, long absent during the championship.

* To all fans remember that the race will be anticipated at 14.00 to allow live on RAISPORT.

Probable Saturday formations 12 April h. 14.00 *



Without a doubt the most interesting races of this 11ma day of return will be just the race between Mozzano and Florentine and the final match Tavagnacco-Riviera di Romagna, which like Brescia-Chiasiellis will be postponed to Sunday 13, to encourage the return from the national team many players. The fights for the other big names in the championship are easier

Program of the 11th day of return and arbitration appointments:

MOZZANICA-FIRENZE (Rosami of Carrara, Agostino and Camisa)

INTER MILANO - FIMAUTO VALPOLICELLA (Gualtieri from Asti, Catania and Giannotti)

AGSM VERONA-CARPISA NAPOLI (Covili Faggioli of Bologna, Righetti and Berto)

SCALESE-RES ROMA (Belfiore di Parma, Ajovalasit and Pezzutto)

GRIFO PERUGIA-EUROSPIN TORRES (D'Amato of Siena, Urbani and Di Bello)

COMO 2000-GRAPHISTUDIO PORDENONE (Scordo di Novara, De Martino and Gervasini)

Sunday races 13 April:


BRESCIA-CHIASIELLI (Pederzoli of Trento, Signorini and Fontanesi)

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While an insatiable Brescia packs yet another record of consecutive victories, in the queue Chiasiellis and Como, with today's two victories, make a small step forward to lengthen the distances on Inter Milan defeated in Romagna, involving moreover the Fiamuto Valpolicella in the fight not to recede, because of the serious defeat of today suffered just by the Larian girls.
On the tenth day of the return of the championship there were three external victories, three inside and one draw. While Brescia looks at all its competitors from the ALTO, it should be noted that Torres, engaged in the Champions League (still defeated today in Germany for 4-1) has three games to recover, while the Tavagnacco one, just against the Campionesse d ' Italy.

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Heavy defeat for Fimauto Valpolicella who at home gives way to Como direct opponent in the salvation fight with a goal of the Como five minutes from the end.
After a phase of study the first relevant action is of Fimauto with Nicolis who at the '16' engages Gorno in a difficult lateral deviation. At the 18 'are still the Valpolicellesi with Bonafini who shoots high from a good position.
Shortly after Capovilla imbecca Bonafini undisturbed shoot at the goalkeeper a wonderful opportunity, from the rebound Boni tries with a lob that finds Tagini ready to save head on the goal line.

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