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Serie A news 2013-14

TORRES sailing on the Arno river, VERONA runs along the lake ...

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merati-mario-13-14With three networks of Patrizia Panico, two of Pamela Conti and one of Jannella, the Italian Torres champions start their championships at large, "sailing" easily on the field of Florence that nothing has been done to counter the continuous pressing in attack of the girls of Tesse who have collected, over the nets, at least other 5 balls goal (Leoni good in some circumstances ..) and a cross with Conti. Guagni and Rinaldi have always been well controlled by the strong Sardinian defense that has given them only a couple of real dangerous occasions. "Torres is very strong ... but we have to change mentality and not make any more serious mistakes to better prepare the trip to Pordenone" these are the statements at the end of the meeting of Mr. Fattori.
A Como that you do not expect and a "surprised" Verona that had to suffer the double disadvantage to start a comeback that until a few minutes from the end seemed desperate. The network of the lariano advantage arrives at the 16 'thanks to a stubborn action by Mazzola who hits the ball in the net after a first dismissed by Ohrstrom.

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Mozzanica..avanti così !!

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Mozzanica-rivieraMOZZANICA: The Mozzanica begins with the right foot the championship beating at home the Riviera di Romagna in training remodeled. In front of a crowded grandstand the race begins with the nice phrasing of the hosts but to go very close to the goal are the romagnole: Baldini puts in the middle a nice cross for Caccamo but it is not punctual, the action continues and the other band is Cassanelli to put in the middle a perfect cross for the same Caccamo that from a few steps to an empty door puts incredibly high. The Mozzanica after the fright immediately resume the reins of the game but they can not tackle dangerous actions. You get to the half hour when Tonani puts a delicious cross for Riboldi but Cassanelli anticipates his head almost risking the own goal. From the same corner Brembilla leaves a cross cut to the first post that incredibly slips into the bottom corner of the second pole accomplice the lack of intervention of a host defender stationed on the first post.

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girelli-napoliBrescia - Begins in the best way the championship of the lionesses that Club Azzurri of Mompiano easily overcome the Napoli of mister Sorrentino. Bertolini returns to the 4-3-3, a form dear to her, and the results are not long in coming. After 30 seconds Bonansea touches the goal face to face with Radu. At 3 'comes the advantage: Cernoia flies to the right and heel serves the perfect assist to Alborghetti who signs the first goal of the season. At the 14 'Rosucci doubles with an imperious head break on a cross from Prost. Pirone shortens the distance to the 17 'by exploiting a defensive hole in Brescia, but after only one lap of hands again Rosucci replaces the situation. In the second half the rhythms are lowered and emotions are lost. At 25 'the best opportunity happens on the head of Girelli but Radu is exceeded. In the final also Rosucci head missing the appointment with the goal by a few steps. It ends 3-1 after four minutes of recovery.

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camporese-elisa tavagnaccoPERUGIA - The new adventure in Serie A starts well for Tavagnacco, which will hit the difficult field of Perugia with a peremptory 6-0. Doubles for Camporese and Parisi embellished by goals from Zandomenichi and Vicchiarello, at its first official center in yellow-blue jersey. The beginning of the race is those with a bang for the girls of Mr. Rossi who want to close the game immediately. Already at the 4 'the Friulians find the goal: nice action on the right orchestrated by Parisi for Bischi that puts ball on the far post where Camporese is ready to hit head for the 1-0. The Graphistudio asserts all of its strength
especially on the median and 13 'is still Camporese to take advantage of the great work of Vicchiarello who puts a ball in the middle for the right surgical padovana that leaves no way out to Cucchiarini.



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perugia gruppo_2The team of Sciurpa falls under the blows of the vice-champions of Italy (0-6). Game closed already in the first half. The President Roscini: "We have done everything possible, something good has been seen"
Tavagnacco is too strong for Grifo Perugia. At the first outing in the championship the grifoncelle were faced with one of the most quoted opponents, which has enforced the law of the strongest. A race with a discounted result and practically one-way from a tactical point of view. The team of Sciurpa has tried at least to play remittance, but in the first half did not find the winning inspiration and in the second half was heavily penalized by the heavy field. Tavagnacco has opened the scoring at 5 ', with a nice header from the Camporese assisted by Bischi, who has caught Cucchiarini in countertime. About ten minutes later the doubling arrived: it is still Camporese who picked up a nice invitation from the Vicchiarello, after a wonderful personal action of the same on the right.



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pirone7The young Neapolitan beaten 3-1, despite a good performance.
A good test, despite the defeat. The Napoli Calcio Femminile begins the championship losing on the field of Brescia (3-1), one of the formations candidates for the Scudetto, but it does so at the end of a game that has seen the many young Neapolitans play a fair test. It should be noted that among the Neapolitans four girls made their debut in Serie A from the first minute, the fifteen-year-old Raffaella Giuliano, the seventeen-year-old Giusy Moraca and Alessia Tagliaferri and the eighteen-year-old Giorgia Di Muro, confirming the lack of experience of a group that , has also shown today to have good qualities and wide margins for growth. In the second half Carmen Basile, nineteen years old, entered the scene as Diodato in the last half hour.



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of Scala-1314Decides at the 34 'minute D'Antoni with a low shot in the corner to the left of the goalkeeper. A good match at the Ponte a Egola Leporaia, played on equal terms against Inter Milan, seems a miracle but in reality the winning debut of the Cignale is the result of the passion of a community for women's football that sees today among its fans , in a packed grandstand, the Mayor of San Miniato Vittorio Gabbanini; 200 presences are the answer that everyone hoped for the debut of the girls of Mattioli and of the President Saponetta. But let's get to the news, the two teams start off, but Inter have the best chances at 5 'and 13', good Scalesi to hold the blow and starting at 20 'minute with a ride of Captain Cacciatori that puts a good ball in the middle for the late attackers.

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Guido 5579It is not a good debut today for the team of Mr. Fattori that, despite the heart and grit put in place in the 90 minutes, the first league suffers a passive for 0-6 against the Italian Torres champions.
The red-blue team is already dangerous at 6 'with a framed Iannella from close range.
A few minutes later it is Florence that makes Thalmann's gloves vibrate: a shot by Borghesi goes off harmlessly in the arms of the Swiss 1 number.
With the spirit of the great team Torres advances to front wheel drive and after having recorded a poisonous head shot of Conti, at 9 ', and a disturbing plane detachment of Panico, at 13', takes advantage with this' last that finalizes in a lob a triangulation supported by Stracchi and Conti.

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Rating: 1 / 5

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Chiasiellis-squadra2013First half: 12 'shot of Paroni saved by Blancuzzi, 21' action of Chiasiellis the ball comes to Zanoni, the shot is rejected by Stabile, 30 'Zanetti launch for Zanon that is anticipated by Fazio, 32' Zanon is free for the shooting kick from the edge and hits the crossbar, Second half: 1 'Zanoni launches Zanon, his shot is saved by Fazio, 2 'Cross from the right-hand side, the defense of the free Chiasiellis, the ball arrives to Paroni who kicks the ball and puts the ball under the crossbar scoring the 0-1, 5 'Barbieri's shot, and Val saves on the line, 7 'shot of Cavallini, Blancuzzi deflects in the corner, 16 'shot of SSardu, out, 32 'Zanon Mette for Bottacin, his shot hits the crossbar, 33 'launch for paoletti, the shot is out of little, 34 'Cavallini lob for 0 to 2, 39 'Cavallini's shot, rejected by Blancuzzi then Donghi clears the area, 46 'Giugliano's lob, out.


Equal between Como and Agsm Verona.

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Verona-AGSM-groupPonte Lambro. After the Coppa Italia goals, the Serie A championship for the girls of Agnm Verona starts from the seventeenth consecutive year in the top flight.The young Lariano team coached by Mario Manzo starts very determined but the Gialloblù soon take the territorial dominance making themselves dangerous with the high conclusion of Toselli and shortly after with the cross of Veronica Napoli pinched to head by Captain Gabbiadini.
Como unexpectedly leading the 16 ': the scaligere lose a ball in midfield, Maiorano serves on the offside Mazzola that in front of Ohrstrom is rejected the first conclusion, but the goalkeeper of the Swedish Verona can not nothing on the net riveted the number nine Como.
At half hour clamorous opportunity for Naila Ramera that with a turn of first intention catches the cross in full.

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