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Serie A news 2013-14

With a mocking goal at 93 'the Chiasiellis equalized 2-2

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sodini1interWith a mocking goal at 93 'the Chiasiellis equalized 2-2 a match that in the middle of the second half seemed firmly in the hands of the eleven of the Women Inter Milan led by Malgeri. A draw, however, deserved for what has been seen in the field.
The first half was for long stretches firmly in the hands of the Friuli blue, which thanks to a pressing across the board and fast phrases of the first in the restart have put the landlords in trouble, certainly not accustomed to the rhythms of Serie A imposed with skill from Chiasiellis.
The guests become dangerous at the 4 ° with Zanon, which is repeated at 13 °, but the clearest opportunity for the advantage builds the 16 ° the Female Inter with Federica Moroni, who in the first real offensive action of the Nerazzur take the responsibility to finalize it, leaving from the edge of the area a great blow that exceeds the goalkeeper, but is printed in full on the crossbar.

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Torres - Fimauto Valpolicella: 4 - 1

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Valpolicella-torresSassari, Defeat with honor of Fimauto coming out with his head held high after having fought for the entire race against a team of the highest level and even managing to score with Bonafini who makes his first goal in Serie A. They spend seven minutes and the result is released thanks to a restart of the Torres ended with a shot under the cross of Maendly. The home team remains the owner of the field, who doubles at 23 'thanks to a conclusion by Panico. Big chance for the Sassari at 35 'when, even the Panico of the head exceeds the Toniolo but the Zaccaria saves on the line. At the 41 'comes the trio of the home team signed by Domenichetti, lesta to reiterate in the net a shot-cross of Tucceri Cimini rejected by the crossbar.

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florence factors-2399Excellent Florentine test, excellent game characterized by a prolonged possession of the ball and a sumptuous phrasing that were not enough to be the reason for a local training lethal in exploiting the small occasion had. It is precisely the Friulian Paroni to give the three points to Pordenone and decide the challenge.
ACF arrembante from 1 'thanks to a rediscovered Adami that from the edge of the penalty area kicks violently towards the door mirror finding a providential Fazio ..
With the brio of the front-wheel drive start, they become major actresses of the Tuscan attack actions also Orlandi, on a sweet trailer of Rinaldi, Guagni, touch laid spent on the bottom, and to the 11 the duo of day Guagni-Rinaldi with the second that frees himself in the area by storing on Schiavo, in the first call, and, on rebated, power towards the extreme defender of Pordenone.

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of Scala-1314They knew the girls of FC Scalese that would have been a hard trip, we were also losing in a resilient way against a team built to win the title of the top flight. These are not the games to be won, even if the team had sustained the impact of Tavagnacco up to 41 'of the first half. A first time played with dignity, open face, as I am always accustomed to the Scalesi, there is only to admit the technical superiority of a team that will play the Women's Champions League on Wednesday. But let's get to the news: The Tavagnacco immediately started strong and 11 'after a good exchange, Bonetti pulls to the side, shortly after is Vecchiarello missing the goal. La Scalese reacts and comes to the shooting with Tramonti who is wrong, immediately there is the response of the captain of the Brumana Tavagnacco who tries to surprise Frediani with a lob, the latter makes it clear that he is in the day and blocks.


The PORDENONE ... attached to the AQUILE !!

Rating: 5 / 5

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merati-mario-13-14If the "eagles" Torres, Tavagnacco and Brescia fly high, the Graphistudio Pordenone is not far behind and with today's victory is at the top of the standings with full points.
Today has seen four clear victories with striking scores: two 5 0, 4-0 and 4-1, results that do not give rise to any discussion also seen the differences in quality of the teams in the field. The other matches ended with two victories, as usual, "to measure" for 1-0, one for 2-0 and one with a tie for 2-2, and as far as I am concerned, the results are also mirrors of matches, where a substantial balance prevailed and in some cases the difference was made only by the networks.
After the feast of goals last week in that of Florence, the Italian champions Torres have inaugurated the season in their stadium with a clear victory over the freshman Valpolicella exceeded with the result of 4-1. After only seven minutes Maendly scored, Patrizia Panico's reply to the 23 ', and at the end of the first half Domenichetti's goal.

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Rome-Mozzanica2Rome - Bad braking for the girls of Mr. Paolo Fracassetti in the Capital. The Bergamo are wrong in the initial approach to the race and are punished by the landlord, good at making the advantage already after the first quarter of an hour and check the return of the guests in the second fraction. Too bad because the Roman, who played a generous race, were certainly an opponent within our reach and these are points that should not be wasted.

A trip that had begun well, with the happy news of the end of the Odyssey membership for Viviana Schiavi and Valentina Giacinti, finally available to the biancoceleste technician. Absent Francesca Tonani who instead complained in the last workout a muscle problem. The landlords immediately appear more convinced in the first few minutes and in a couple of occasions they create some headache for the orobic defense. At the quarter of an hour the deserved advantage of the Giallorossi comes with the Montenegrin Vukcevic, who finds the net on the developments of a corner kick beaten by Ciccotti. The network suffered serves at least to give the shock to the guests who before the rest create some dangerous opportunities, but are forced to give space to opponents who replicate by appearing repeatedly on the sides of Gritti. Unfortunately, the episode that will affect the rest of the race unfortunately comes back to the dressing room: Valentina Giacinti comes in contact with Villani. In the stands no one notices anything, but the fact does not escape the assistant of Mr. Petrella di Viterbo, so that the referee is forced to expel the orobic striker. Valentina later claimed to have touched the adversary in a venial and fortuitous manner. Opponents who speak instead of an intentional reaction are of different opinion. A yellow worthy of Agatha Christie, the fact is that the guests are having to play the whole shot in numerical inferiority.

Despite the handicap, in the second half the Mozzanica is awakened and with the strength of despair tries on several occasions to return to parity. Already at the 9 'Brambilla has a good chance, but the no. 1 giallorossa Pipitone stops in two stages, later Piccino steals ball to Morra, but then wastes and at half an hour it is Riboldi's turn to throw away the ball of the tie by kicking high. As otherwise could not be the landlords find themselves with large grasslands for the counterattack and on a couple of occasions keep on the alert Alessia Gritti. In the final, with the team totally projected forward, the insult of the yellow doubling comes on the counterattack: Cincotti steals the ball to Rizzon perhaps making dangerous play, the referee let it run and the yellow midfielder launches Nagni who snaps on the off side line goes to overcome Gritti with a soft lob. Mozzanica who returns home leaving points in Rome. Now Mister Fracassetti will have to let his troubles be forgotten by Monday today and encourage the girls to prepare them for the very difficult task of Saturday with Verona.


Networks: Vukcevic at 15 'and Nagni at 91'.

RES ROME: Pipitone, Colini, Cunsolo, Biasotto (Simonetti from 28 'st), Villani, Morra, Vukcenic, Coluccini (Nicosia from 40' st), Ciccotti, Nagni, Pittaccio (Fracassi from 10 'st). All Melillo.

MOZZANICA: Gritti, Dossi (Piccinno from 7 'st), Schiavi, Piva, Rizzon, Locatelli, Brambilla, Mauri (Brayda from 25' st), Giacinti, Scarpellini (Bianchi from 37 'st), Riboldi. All Fracassetti.

Referee: Petrella of Viterbo. Assistants: Boccafurni and Lanza.

Notes: ejected Giacinti at 46 'for reaction.


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res-roma-winTwo goals and three points for the Res Rome that wets with a win the home debut in Serie A, beating for two to zero the Mozzanica, back from the victory against the Riviera di Romagna on the first day.
Among the Giallorossi are missing the injured Marzi, Inchingolo, Mostarda and the disqualified De Blasio, and Mr. Melillo sends from the first minute Pipitone between the posts, Colini, Cunsolo, Biasotto and Morra in defense, Ciccotti, Villani and Coluccini in midfield, and in attack the trident Nagni-Vukcevic-Pittaccio. Mister Fracassetti instead recovers in the extremes Schiavi and Giacinti, so far unavailable for transference problems.
The landlords, driven by their public, start well, close the opponents in their own half, and take the lead in the quarter of an hour with Vukcevic, who surpasses Gritti on the development of a korner beaten by Ciccotti.

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Riviera di Romagna - Brescia

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valeria-magriniMILAN MARITIME - The company fails on the Riviera di Romagna, overtaken by Brescia in the second day of Serie A (4-0): Romagna once again reworked due to bureaucratic problems, but well prepared in the field in the 4-3-3 Giuseppe Lorenzo, with the bresciane dangerous starting with a conclusion from outside Alborghetti that ended high above the crossbar (7 '); the swallows continued to hold the ball of the game and the 26 'touched the advantage with a header of Rosucci who found the answer in the dive of Silvia Vicenzi, who deviated in the corner: the next corner came the 1-0 host signed by the same Rosucci with a turn of first intention that lightened the innocent number one Romagna.

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filippozzi punishment-napoli_comoA punishment by Filippozzi gives success (1-0) against Como to the Neapolitans, unbeaten at home by 33 months.
The Collana stadium confirms itself as impregnable fortress. The Napoli Calcio Femminile debuted today at home against Como on the second day of the Serie A championship, winning 1-0 and bringing the internal unbeaten record to 33 months, a record for all Italian team sports teams. A well-deserved success obtained on a heavy field, due to the heavy rain that fell throughout the morning, even if the maintenance work on the turf made it possible to absorb the rain well, allowing the girls to demonstrate their qualities.
Napoli started immediately strong, with Pirone stopped by the goalkeeper already at 1 '.



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grifo perugia_2013-2014_thumb307_As predicted, the girls of Sciurpa get defeated by the Venetian trip. Griffin under already in the first half (4-0). Good signs in the recovery, but it is the Gabbiadini to drop the final pokerissimo
Another bad day for Grifo Perugia. The girls of Sciurpa suffer a heavy defeat in Veneto against Agsm Verona (5-0), which joins the one remedied a week before the home debut against Tavagnacco (6-0). An uphill start, which, however, had been put into a budget, given the clear superiority of the opponents. Even in Verona, Grifo threw in the towel in the first half, with the scaligere ahead of four goals.


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