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"After many years of great passion, wonderful years, lived with people to whom I am bound by intense friendships, I have taken the most bitter decision that can be taken in sport: that of closing the Society" These words were pronounced by the President del Chiasiellis, Grizzo, during an interview he gave me yesterday, in which he also expressed the reasons for this choice suffered on a personal level, however, a meditated choice, after many months in which he tried to find valid solutions to allow to the Company to continue its activity.
"This company has always been" open "to everyone, it has grown over time, through an amateur management composed of real enthusiasts who have worked together to achieve ever wider goals. After so many years we have reached the goal of the series A, which has filled us with personal pride and that has also gratified this territory and this small town in Friuli. "

"In recent years, in the highest division, the commitments have definitely increased and I have tried, together with my collaborators, to manage the female football Chiasiellis as a small company, taking care of every aspect both at administrative and social level, mainly enhancing the relationship with the territory, obtaining consents and contributions in terms of sponsors that have allowed us to continue our work in the best way. "
"I can proudly say that in the last years 15, nobody left the company, players and technical staff in the first place, without having obtained what was agreed, despite the difficulties that often arose and which are also all now present on the national territory. "
"Already two years ago, to all my staff, to the players, to the parents of the girls of the youth sector, I had expressed the need for a" managerial turnover ", if we can say so. I was open to every solution, with respect for the passion and commitment that the girls had always shown on and off the field. "
"I asked for concrete help to give myself and the managers the opportunity to have TIME to live our private lives too ..." "The more we were, the less serious our personal commitment in society would be ...."
"At the beginning of the season, in a new meeting I reiterated the same concept once again, but beyond promises and assurances nothing has changed .."
"The hands that worked were missing ... the concrete commitment, the" field work "... was lacking." "The relegation to B, arrived after a year where even the misfortune played an important role, did not affect this decision ... I want to reiterate this once again. The sponsors had not set any special clauses ... they would have followed us anyway the championship had gone and I thank them for this "
"Italian women's football is experiencing a difficult period, the leaders have done nothing to make it grow and in some cases the situation has even worsened."
"We, Chiasiellis women, we are in this context" a white fly "and my regret is just that, it closes a healthy Society ..., without economic problems, respectful of the commitments made ...; but today the passion is not enough anymore ... it takes COMMITMENT, WORK AND SACRIFICE PERSONAL ..., and in this I think I have given my active contribution "
"I thank all my collaborators, players, coaches and coaches who have collaborated with me in these years, wishing them well in the future both in life and in sport."

I thank President Grizzo for his availability, and I thank him on behalf of all the female soccer fans for what he has given in terms of passion and commitment over all these years, not only to Chiasiellis and to Friulian football in particular , but also towards the entire national women's football movement ".

Mario Merati

Mario Merati
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