Tuesday, January 21 2020
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TORRES female: what future?

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What will become of the female Torres? This is a question that many insiders are putting in this period following the rumors that have been running for many months on the vicissitudes of this important company, absolute leading player of the last national football seasons. The demonstration of protest against the management, put in place a few months ago by the red-blue players, has raised a problem for a long time passed in silence and that it should have been faced with the due decision much earlier!
The removal of Manuela Tesse is the last act of a rather questionable management situation, with President Marras who, through the website of the Sardinian Society, has officially resigned from the Club, resignation, they tell me, never officially formalized, similar even to those dates as Coordinator of the council of the Department, of which there is no trace ....!

I contacted Manuela Tesse to express her opinion on what happened in these two years during which she coached the blue red team, bringing her to the successes of last season (Scudetto and Supercoppa) and that in the last one, even though she did not attain the victory final, has come to contend to Brescia, until the last game, the Scudetto and to play the final of the Italian Cup.
"It was a difficult season and even in some respects unfortunate despite the efforts made by all the girls in every competition we took part in."
"The Company, which so many promises made at the beginning of the season, has" dissolved "over time; President Marras was no longer "contacted" and the girls, including Mister .., remained SOLE also in managing, in part, the problems that were not within their competence as the organization of the transfers, of which I hired the burden certainly is not indifferent. However, the girls were admirable, they worked well, they worked hard on every front and even if they did not win in the end, there was the awareness that they did their best on the field and even outside trying to "grab", at some point in the season, some sponsors to deal with this year's commitments! "
"The event put in place months ago, complete with a banner in the field that asked RESPECT, is the tip dell'ICEBERG, a situation that lasted for TOO time; it was not easy ... for me and the players to get to this point, but "the silence" on the other side had reached the limit of tolerability! "
"The contributions of the Region and the Province do not seem to have changed in these two years as the effective contribution of Eurospin and other small sponsors and participation in the Champions also brought other good income, but this was not enough to heal a situation "Incancrenita" for some years and that there was not the WILL to solve in time. "
"I had also proposed to the Company a PROJECT at the football school level to expand the youth sector. I had the contribution of some members of the current technical staff and some players and therefore the costs would have been reduced, but all of this has fallen into the void. "" I have trained a FERRARI in these two years, but at some point was not put more gas ... "this is the nice phrase that told me between the serious and the facetious Manuela ... and I add:" the fuel put by her and the girls was not enough .. "; a PIT STOP ... that did not allow a decisive restart towards the conquest of new successes!
"A real pity: I wish every good to this historic company and who will remain both at the level of players and at the level of new future managers who are looking with such good will to" put together the pieces "and continue the winning path years. Simply? Not enough? .... Nobody, it seems, is able to give explanations about what happened, the players themselves if they ask and are ready to defend their rights in the most appropriate locations, however this site is available for any explanation about; who should do it for both girls and for the many fans that the female Torres has throughout the national territory. Women's football needs the FEMALE TORRES to remain at the top of football; too many have been in recent years the "downsizing" of some historic companies that have been the protagonists of our Championships, I hope, for this, that we can find a solution OK and fair for everyone and that this company continues to be a protagonist in football female national and also European through participation in the Champions. This deserves the players and also the entire Sardinian region!

Mario Merati

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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