Thursday, May 21 2015
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Mister smallWith the unfortunate semifinal Saturday 31 May closes the experience of Mister Paolo Fracassetti mozzanichese. Three years in which, at the helm of Biancocelesti, the Bergamo coach has conquered two fifth places and a Coppa Italia semi-final. "I am obviously sorry that I can not continue this experience. In these three years, very positive for me, I have worked with extraordinary girls who have seen me grow so much from all points of view. This year we laid the foundations to build a great team for the future, we played on par with the leaders of the class, eliminating the Italian champions Brescia and Verona from the cup and going very close to reach a final, which would have been a historical result for this company. It remains the regret of not being able to win points against the first four in the league, despite the excellent evidence on our part. I see for this team a rosy future, the bases have been put, if the progress made by the girls in these three years will continue, I am sure that the Scudetto or the Coppa Italia will arrive very soon. I want to thank the girls and the company for these three beautiful years, full of satisfaction that have enriched me a lot, both from a professional and human point of view and I wish this team to reach great goals soon. As for me I do not know what I will do, if I will be asked to stay in the feminine I will definitely evaluate it, this is an environment that has a lot to grow, but in which I found myself very well"The company in the person of its president Luigi Sarsilli expresses his thanks to Mr. Fracassetti: "We are grateful for what has been done in these years, with him the experience has been positive and we can say that he met a very good person and a true professional, to him our sincere wishes to collect all the satisfactions again. professional possibilities, wherever football will take him. "

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