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Valpolicella-Como 4Montidon - It is the Como of Mister Manzo to gain salvation in the decisive challenge of S. Ambrogio. The Valpolicella is defeated after a good race, where the lariana have however demonstrated greater precision and cynicism in the door. A round of applause for both teams, the landlords returning to the cadet series after a fair season, spotted by a decisive series of defeats in the central part of the tournament that has undermined the ranking and the Como that take off the pass for the To, for the third consecutive time.

The public is a great occasion, the Verona field factor is almost canceled by the large group of supporters arrived from Como (about a hundred). In the stands is a spectacle of cheering and colors, while the game begins in the field. A tender as delicate as it often happens advises prudence and in fact the two teams start very contracted. The first conclusion to the mirror is Tombola at 10 'with a ball that ends well over the crossbar, imitated a little later by Ricco on the opposite front. And 'Como to build the most delicious opportunity from the network of the first fraction to 23': Ricco is served in the area, manages to juggle the defenders of Verona and tries to overcome Toniolo with a spoon, the ball is touched by n. 1 Venetian and then swept by Zaccaria before I cross the goal line. At half an hour the landlords are also dangerous, when from the flag Bonafini crosses into the area for Capovilla that arrives with the tip of the boot, the ball rises and ends its run on the top of the crossbar, even if Gorno seemed in position . Cascarano tries from the limit to 41 ', but Toniolo blocks in two times without problems. First time that closes to scoreless networks.

Upon returning to the field Mister Manzo operates the first replacement: inside Cattaneo for Clerici. Basically it does not change anything in the tactical set-up. Boni wins a penalty from the limit to 6 '; Bonafini tries the blow, but the ball is providentially intercepted by a defender. At 12 'the balance is unlocked: corner for Como, the ball is in the heap close to the door area and is the smallest of all, Denise Mazzola, to find the winning deviation below and to bring the guests ahead . At this point the landlords pour into the Lariana area, trying in every way to find the balance, but with little precision. Magnaguagno tries from a defiled position to the 19 ', Gorno rejects in the first measure a bit' awkwardly, then makes his ball. The Como can exploit the spaces that are open at his disposal for the counter-attack. At 21 'Captain Fusetti tries the gored, but the ball comes out very little. Antonella Formisano tries the Yeboha card and inserts the young Italian-African instead of Bonafini; in essence, the Venetian attack maneuver gains in liveliness. He has a golden opportunity at the 28 'Valpolicella to return to parity: Tombola brush in the area for Boni who checks and tries the left first intention, but also the n.10 Verona does not find the opponent's goal. They shoot from the distance in order Carradore, Capovilla and Tombola, but the aim is not the best. The last quarter of an hour is a siege, Tombola also tries to kick it, but the ball is clearly over the crossbar. Yes Valpolicella-Como 1plays almost one door ... almost, however, as the cynical Larian 41 'effectively close the race: with the local defense forced to stay high to shorten the team, the long launch from the back to the usual Ricco catches the unprepared the Venetian rearguard. The n. 9 biancoceleste can fly towards Toniolo and touch at the center for Mazzola, who must realize the easiest of the markings. Joy explodes on the bench of Mr. Manzo and among the supporters guests. Doubling is the blow that cuts the legs of the landlord. Little happens in the remaining minutes and at the triple whistle the guests can cheer and party. Como remains in Serie A. Valpolicella heads high back among the cadets, but with the awareness of having a team that deserves to return as soon as possible among the big ones.


networks: Mazzola at 12 'and 41' st

Valpolicella: 1 TONIOLO, 2 MAGNAGUAGNO, 3 CARRADORE, 4 ZANOTTI, 5 ZACCARIA, 6 NICOLIS, 7 CAPOVILLA, 8 TOMBOLA, 9 BONAFINI (c) (from 22 'st YEBOAH), 10 BONI, 11 CHINELLO. All. Antonella Formisano.

Como 2000: 1 GORNO, 2 TAGINI, 3 CANNON, 4 PELLIZONI, 5 BERTONI, 6 FUSETTI (cap.), 7 CLERICI (from 1 'st CATTANEO), 8 DEL VACCHIO, 9 RICH, 10 MAZZOLA, 11 CASCARANO. All. Mario Manzo.

Referee: Giorgio Ravera of Lodi. Assistants: Santini and Franceschini of Verona.

Note: ammonite Tombola (V), Cattaneo (C) and Ricco (C). Present about 350 spectators on the stands. Hot sunny day. Best in the field: Tombola (V) and Ricco (C).

* Photos taken by Matteo Sambugaro for "Verona nel Pallone".

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