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MILAN MARITIME - Penalty win for the Riviera of Romagna that has bent an excellent Como 2000 in the penultimate return of series A (1-0), at the end of a hard fought challenge: first emotion of brand yellow-red-blue, with Patty Caccamo able to fish deep Eleonora Petralia who fired right, finding the deviation in the corner of Gorno (3 '); the Larians responded with a flare from outside Cascarano, with the sphere that ended at the bottom (8 '), while on the other side the Romagnole grazed the advantage first with a shaven on the grass of Sara Pastore, parade in two strokes from Gorno (23 '), then with a punishment from the left corner of Patty Caccamo, deflected in corner by the extreme guest (28').

The girls of Mr. Manzo, however, were in the game and we tried with a trip from outside Ubbiali who was flying over the crossbar (34 '), while the Romagnole were still close to the advantage, first with an exchange on corner Pastore-Caccamo-Shepherd , a parabola around Sara and deviation in the corner in the number one guest (41 '), then with a close conclusion of Patty Caccamo that ended at the bottom (42'); in the final first fraction very occasional for the girls of Giuseppe Lorenzo, with a penalty kick brought by Giulia Baldini and kicked by Eleonora Petralia, who was hypnotized by Gorno, very skilled to reject the conclusion from the eleven meters (46 '). At the start of recovery better lariane, dangerous first with a lash of Cattaneo from the right side, parade by Silvia Vicenzi (4'st), then with a left from outside Cascarano that went off at the bottom (6'st), while on Giulia Baldini put the turbo, jumped the direct marker in speed, returned to the left and was stretched at the time of conclusion: second penalty for the Romagnole again for Eleonora Petralia, who slipped the ball at the intersection of the poles to the right of Gorno for the 1-0 yellow-red-blue (7'st). The blue responded with a restart of Cattaneo and conclusion parade by Silvia Vicenzi (10'st), while the Romagnole tried first with a big right of Michela Franco who flew over the crossbar (14'st), then with a peremptory gored by Cristina Ugolini, rejected by foot by Gorno (24'st), which was repeated shortly after the conclusion to a sure blow by Gaia Mastrovincenzo on a specific invitation by Giulia Baldini (25'st); the Larians were alive and tried with a Fusetti header on a corner action, which ended just outside (31'st), while the Ravenna responded with Eleonora Petralia, who received from Giulia Baldini and concluded right, finding the parade of Gorno (35'st). The girls of Manzo believed in it until the end and they had a good chance again with Fusetti who let loose a lob from outside the area, deflected in the corner with his fingertips by Silvia Vicenzi (39'st), while the last emotion was yellow-red-blue mark on the Caccamo-Petralia axis, cross from the bottom of Patty for Eleonora who controlled and fired right, with the sphere that went out to the side (42'st).

Riviera of Romagna 1
Como 2000 0
ROMAGNA RIVIERA (4-3-3): Vicenti; Cassanelli, Magrini, Ugolini, Carrozzi (25'st Masia); Mastrovincenzo, Gozzi (27 'Franco), Shepherd; Petralia, Caccamo, Piedmont (39 'Baldini). A disp .: Tasselli, Martin Garcia. All. Lorenzo.
COMO 2000 (3-5-2): Gorno; Cascarano, Fusetti, Cannone; Tagini (15'st Del Vecchio), Zanini, Bertoni, Ubbiali, Pellizzoni (25'st Clerici); Mazzola, Cattaneo (19'st Cavaliere). Available: Piazza, Meroni, Bianchi, Galletti. All. Manzo.
REFEREE: Camilli di Foligno (PG). Assistants: Maestri and Tolentini of Parma.
NETWORKS: 7'st Petralia (rig.).
Ammonites: Gorno, Ubbiali and Cascarano (C).

Davide Tognacci, press officer of the Riviera di Romagna women's soccer

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