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SAN MINIATO (PI) - Mission accomplished for the Riviera di Romagna that has broken the ground of Scalese in the third-to-last return series A (4-0), returning to success after the knockout against Graphistudio Tavagnacco and AGSM Verona: Romagna immediately master of the field and close to the lead first with a close deviation of Martina Piemonte on Cristina Cassanelli's low cross and Durante's foot response (4 '), then with a framed Carolina Mendes cross of Patty Caccamo and ball on the bottom ( 7 '); a round of hands to admire the exchange between Martina Piemonte and Gaia Mastrovincenzo that fired a sinister left from the edge that ended at the bottom (8 ') and a few moments later still Mastrovincenzo for Patty Caccamo, right from the edge and the ball that was flying over the crossbar (9 '). The goal was in the air and materialized in the quarter of an hour: Patty Caccamo fled away on the left and from the bottom centered low for the oncoming Martina Piemonte, right to a sure blow rejected by Durante, with the ball that ended on the feet of the same Caccamo, left first intention and ball in the net (16 '); the girls of Giuseppe Lorenzo continued to press, touching the doubling, first with a border from outside Carolina Mendes, raised in corner by Durante (18 ') and shortly after with a central percussion of the same Mendes received from Gaia Mastrovincenzo, jumped the direct marker and concluded of rightness on the exit of the goalkeeper, with the ball destined in the net, but saved on the line by the intervention in split of Giatras (20 '). On the other side the Tuscans tried with a conclusion from the limit of Fenili that faded weakly on the bottom (27 '), but were the Ravenna to find the 2-0 on perfect verticalization of Patty Caccamo in the corridor for Gaia Mastrovincenzo that resisted return of the defender and concluded the left on the first post, signing the doubling yellow-red-blue (28 '); same protagonists in the tris signed shortly after: Caccamo to invent for Mastrovincenzo who was still face to face with Durante and surpassed with a precise lob for the 3-0 (35 '). Other emotions of brand yellow-red-blue in the first fraction final: first Carolina Mendes exploited a wrong disengagement of the local defense, jumped the direct marker and fired right, finding the parade of Durante (37 '), while shortly after was Patty Caccamo to touch the poker, with a serpentine game from the left side to get to the right and the conclusion from a slightly out of focus position on the bottom (44 '). Same script in the second half: starting corner of Patty Caccamo and heel of Cristina Ugolini with the ball that went out to the side (1'st), while shortly after it was still Gaia Mastrovincenzo to try with a sinister left from the edge that ended out of little (2'st); the landlords responded with a flare from the limit of Ceci and ball of little high (7'st), while on the other front was Patty Caccamo to touch the quatern with a left diagonal, rejected by the local number one (8'st ). Poker was served shortly after on the nice combination Caccamo-Piemonte, Martina's return ball for Patty, control and dribble at the edge and left at the corner for the 4-0 (17'st); the same Piedmont tried from the limit, with the sphere that went out on the bottom (20'st), while shortly after was Cristina Cassanelli, freed from heel by Gaia Mastrovincenzo to try, but his left ended at the bottom (27'st) . Same band for the sprint of Valeria Magrini who anticipated the direct marker and left on the left, finishing from a tight angle, with the ball deflected in corner by Durante (30'st), while the last emotion was local brand with a Panicucci's right hand parried by Silvia Vicenzi (46'st).

0 Scalese
Riviera of Romagna 4
SCALESE (4-4-1-1): During; Chiorazzo, Spain S., Giatras, Spain I; Bachi (1'st Ceci), Baldi, Lucente (20'st Gironi), Cucchiara; Fenili; Panicucci. Available: Frediani, Salvatori, Cavicchi. All. Casalini.
ROMAGNA RIVIERA (4-3-3): Vicenti; Cassanelli, Magrini, Ugolini, Sinka; Franco, Mastrovincenzo, Pastor; Piedmont, Caccamo (21'st Petralia), Mendes. Available: Tasselli, Baldini, Masia, Gozzi. All. Lorenzo.
REFEREE: D'Amato di Siena. Assistants: Giusino and Martelli of Florence.
NETWORKS: 16 'and 17'st Caccamo, 28' and 35 'Mastrovincenzo.
Ammonites: Bachi (S).

Davide Tognacci, press officer of the Riviera di Romagna women's soccer

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