Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Naples, Lagonia, Toselli and Baldo sign the quaterna to the Nerazzurri.
Second consecutive trip of the week for the girls of Agsm Verona who are on the field of the unsafe Inter with the goal of the eighth consecutive victory in the league.
Mister Longega must renounce the suspended Ledri, returns in the eleventh holder Belfanti. Inter 'and the last beach to avoid direct relegation and engage play-outs.
The Veronese try to immediately lead the game even if the ground conditions do not allow stylistic finesse.

After a canceled network to Gelmetti for an alleged foul by the same striker of Verona, the gialloblu 'become dangerous with the conclusion of Karlsson and especially with Veronica Napoli, ball deflected that dances on the line but does not want to enter.
Still Martina Gelmetti calls Cartelli to the intervention in two stages.
The pocket tip of Verona goes away in slalom in the Inter, but his conclusion is deflected in the corner.
Maria Karlsson also tries to call Cartelli to intervention. Number one interista that can not 'nothing on the conclusion of Veronica Napoli that receives the assist of captain Gabbiadini and bags one to zero.
Immediately after the gialloblu could double but Gabbiadini is rejected the conclusion while the rebound to the goal of Gelmetti is deflected in the corner. Number nine that literally eats another goal to beat goalkeeper.
The first fraction ends with the deserved Scaliger advantage.
At the opening of the second half the scaligere doubles with Alyssa Lagonia who receives from Gelmetti, is wedged centrally and places the right sphere. Special celebrations in the stands for Italian-Canadian relatives who have come from the American continent.
The yellow and blue tris served two minutes later: a great job by Gabbiadini who overtakes three opponents and opens for Toselli, the Veronese number seven controls and sends in seven.
The new entry Carlotta Baldo at 28 'from the limit starts a great conclusion by placing the ball under the crossbar for the yellow-blue quaterna at Inter.
Agsm Verona takes the eighth consecutive win by pushing Inter into Serie B.
To continue the series of trips Wednesday yellow will fly to Sardinia to face the Italian champions in charge of Torres.

Networks: Pt. 32 'Naples, st. 8 'Lagonia, 10' Toselli, 28 'Baldo
Inter: Cartelli, Rizza, Pagano (18 'St Greco), Carissimi, Cortesi, Dede', Velati, Polloni (1 'St Zazzera), Baresi (27' St Rognoni), Merlo, Cama.
Available: Selmi, Moroni, Greco, Nati, Zazzera, Ferraro, Rognoni.
Coach: Stefano Torriani.
Agsm Verona: Ohrstrom, Squato, Belfanti (11 'St. Marconi), Salvai, Karlsson, Di Criscio (18' St. Baldo), Toselli (14 'St. Mason), Gabbiadini, Gelmetti, Naples, Lagonia.
Available: Bianchi, Marconi, Baldo, Mason.
Coach: Renato Longega.
Referee: Antonio Matteo Scordo from Novara.
Assistants: Muniz of Abbiategrasso and Donadello di Seregno.
Notes: Very hot day, rather hard and gibboso soil. Spectators about 200.
Pero (Mi).

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