Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The Friulians come out unscathed from the Piedmontese journey and thus arrive in the final; The Torino caresses the dream of recovery in the first half but in the end has to raise the white flag.
Turin is called to an undertaking to remedy the defeat for 3-1 suffered in the first leg; enterprise made even more difficult by the absence of the goalkeeper Polito (disqualified) that forces the coach Nicco to line up goalkeeper Enrica Lupo, who is the attacker. The Pordenone must instead do without injured Boattin and Crivici.
The start of the game is crackling and the first shot on goal comes to the 6 'when Giugliano, well catered for by Manzon, forced Lupo to reject; but a few minutes later the Torino took the lead: at the 10 'captain Favole leaves a great shot from the edge of the area on which Aliquò can not oppose; 1-0 Turin and qualifying speech that returns poised.

At this point the Torino pushes to the search of the doubling but the most important occasion is of the Pordenone: to the 25 'Giugliano kicks a punishment from the 25 meters with the ball that goes to slam on the intersection of the poles. Friulane still dangerous at the end of the first half with Peruch and Giugliano who fail to materialize. The first half ends with Torino ahead 1-0. In the second half the rhythms of the match are lowered because of the great heat with the Piedmontese who attack in search of the goal-qualification; the attacking trio Favole, Barbieri and Grassino tries to create scoring opportunities but the defense of Pordenone is always attentive and focused. The turning point comes to the 25 'when the new entry Scudeler, on the developments of a lineout, well controls the ball and pierces Lupo with a nice diagonal on the far post. The draw of Pordenone sounds like a sentence and in fact the Piedmontese can not reopen the game, although in the last 20 minutes try in every way to break the rocky defense of Friuli, which gets away with only a few caution. The match reaches the 90 'without jolts and after 4' recovery the referee puts an end to hostilities, thus certifying the victory of Pordenone centering a historic final: the Friuli played a great game, defending neatly and creating several scoring chances . Turin, on the other hand, is not able to do the task, but has the merit of taking the field with the belief that he can make it and keep the qualification balanced for most of the game.
The final will be played Thursday 12 June in Florence and will see the Pordenone opposite Grifo Perugia.
TURIN: Lupo, S.Favole, Sorleto, Cena, Malara, Nicco, Tudisco, Eusebio, Barbieri, A. Favole, Grassino. Available: Vullo, Dragone, Rinero, Uricchio, Nigro, Costantino, Streva. Coach: Nicco
GRAPHISTUDIO PORDENONE: Aliquò, Piazza, Padovan, Mella, Perin, Blasoni, Cimarosti, Dri, Peruch, Manzon, Giugliano. Available: Pusiol, Bortolussi, Degano, Sabel, Moletta, Scudeler, Bianco. Coach: Zambon
MARKERS: 10 'pt A.Favole (T); 25 'st Scudeler (P)
REFEREE: Giordano di Novara

Alessio Losacco

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