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debortolinascimben14After 6 years back to Vicenza Women's Soccer Alessandro De Bortoli who led the company in the 2007 / 2008 taking it one step away from the A2 series
There is still nothing official but the rumors that circulate seem more and more founded and on the phone the same mister does not formalize the news but neither denies it.
Leading the Vicenza Calcio Femminile next season 2014 / 2015 will be Alessandro De Bortoli, the former red and white coach who brought the team one step away from the A2 series six years ago, after a wonderful championship in the year 2007 / 2008 and touching the promotion, which he went to Fortitudo Mozzecane for a bureaucratic quibble.
Mornino of origin, but residing in Treviso for a couple of years, De Bortoli from 2012 trains Vittorio Veneto Women's Soccer in Serie B, after leading the Favaro, Vicenza, Venezia CasinĂ² and Mestre, all strictly football teams female, winning a Veneto Cup with Mestre.
"Why did you choose women's football?"
Everything was born by chance: at the beginning of the 2000 the president of Mestre, Ulisse Miele, my great friend, proposed to me to train the first team of the company and I accepted the challenge. From there I became passionate about this world and here I am.

"Are there differences with male soccer players?"
Surely! You must be a psychologist first mister (smile!) But the woman in the field gives you a lot, both as a concentration and as a passion.

"What makes you choose to train one team rather than another?"
The presence of a structured company and a project, the degree of motivation in pursuing it and above all the desire to invest in the youth sector, which is the future of the company itself.
"All features that Vicenza Football also has ..."
(Smiles) I have beautiful memories of Vicenza. Let's say that ... I would really like to train him, also because he deserves a category that really belongs to him, like the B series. I was positively impressed by the excellent work of the Primavera coach, Pedro Dal Bello, and the presence of many young soccer players prepared with I would like to work on. Let's say that together with the goalkeeper's trainer, Giancarlo Nascimben, who has always been following me, we are finding agreements with the company ...

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