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molassana-gardel-valeriaToday we introduce you to a very young soccer player wearing this Molassana jersey, junior category, with a lot of passion and spirit of sacrifice, talents that age (98 class), it is not so easy to find in her peers.
Let's go immediately to listen to what he has to say.
Start by asking yourself, Valeria, to introduce yourself to our readers.
I'm Valeria Gardel, I'll be sixteen in September, I live in Fontanabuona and I attend the first class of the Caboto Professional Institute of Chiavari, socio-health address.
Very well and now tell us how you approached football?
Playing football has always been a great joy and since I was seven I have always wanted to be part of a team in order to really kick a football field.
Actually maybe my parents did not understand at the beginning how great my passion was, so they directed me to volleyball, a discipline that I practiced for four years.
I have always hoped that in my valley a women's football team would form until ........ at the age of twelve, my dream finally came true, starting to play in the Virtus Entella of Chiavari.
In this society I experienced an unforgettable experience thanks to my friends and my two mister Rossana Castelli and Gianfranco Barilari.
At the same time I was called for two consecutive years in the Representative Ligure of Mr. Ugo Maggi.
The first year we did not manage to pass the session and the following year we took away the satisfaction of participating in the final phase of the tournament at Chianciano Terme, placing us in sixth place.
Just in the last day of stay at the aforementioned tournament came a beautiful and welcome surprise consisting in the call for me and Giorgia Bettalli for an internship in Norcia with the national under 17.
After this important experience came the call, among other unexpected, of Mr. Massimo De Angelis del Molassana.
Being very close to my old group, where there were not only teammates but above all many friends, it was not easy to join the Molassana proposal; I confess that I was very fought but now, after this start of the season, I realized that I had made the right choice, being part of a great company that uses a very competitive and serious technical staff.
I think I've guessed that your typical day is not so simple: tell it a little bit.
As said before I live in Fontanabuona and every morning I go to school in Chiavari with the bus so I have to get up at six, taking into account that the route is a bit special.
Time ago the bridge that normally crossed was collapsed and the temporary one that replaced it,
for security reasons, the bus must travel empty and follow all the passengers on foot.
After the same lessons history for the return home that happens around the 14,30. Lunch and subsequent relaxation break and then move to an hour dedicated to the study.
The times are tight because the 17 starts to be ready for training 18,30, which is usually finished at home around the 21,30.
I just have dinner and ....... go to rest because the next day I expect a day more or less similar.
The little free time you have as you use it?
I like to attend the parish oratory where I can meet many friends and friends and I often go to see the matches of the Entella Chiavari who plays in the first division.
How did you experience insertion into this new company reality?
At first I was a little hesitant and a little frightened: I came on tiptoe. I only knew a few girls who had been my classmates in representative, so a practically new environment also as far as the technical staff was concerned because the coaches I knew only by sight.
Change the subject and I ask you if there is a player to whom you are inspired?
Yes it is Michele Russo, central defender of the Antella, a skilled head-hit, very fast, with a technical background that I would like to own.
Do you feel like making a final prediction for the championship you are competing?
I am not unbalanced and I only say that the conditions for doing well are there and so ......... we hope to get the "best result".
We are in the final round so I ask you to name me your favorite singer and follow the title of the last book read.
My favorite singer is Max Pezzali and the last book is Ti amo, I hate you, I miss you.
Thank you Valeria for being with us and a big good luck for your new adventure.

To our friendly and faithful readers, as always, a goodbye to the next.


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