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molassana-belloni-luciaWe have the pleasure today to have with us, for a short chat, the captain and leader of our first team, "nothing less than" Lucia Belloni, as always pleasantly available to undergo the ritual questions. Then Lucia are playing your third season with the Molassana jersey: a summary of your experience at Ca de Rissi.
It has been three very challenging years but also quite positive. Being able to confirm each year at good levels is not easy and we are succeeding thanks to a technical and managerial team that allows the team to perform at its best. Have you noticed any differences, and if so which ones, between the current championship and those of five six years ago?
One of the most obvious differences is certainly the decline in the technical level of the championship.
What would you suggest to propose to achieve a significant improvement for women's football in Italy?
Unfortunately, the problems of female football are many and exist from the origins of this movement; I think I should increase the visibility of this sport, at the same time obliging the men's teams to have a female sector, without forgetting that to have appreciable results the imperative must be the synergistic collaboration of all the competent sports bodies aimed at disseminating this wonderful reality , women's football.
Finally, without wanting to make controversy, but to be honest, it is necessary that you look at the world of soccer in an equal way by stopping to consider us a minority compared to football "that counts".
Returning to the problems of "home" do you think you can achieve the promotion for your team at the end of this more than ever balanced championship?
Nothing is impossible. We must be good at putting the company "in difficulty" by winning first place in the field and not just in words.
Which do you think your most fearful adversaries for the promotion race.
Obviously Cuneo as they are first and therefore there will be a reason, without forgetting the pursuers such as Luserna and the Oristano.
Let me say, however, that the most formidable adversary for our team is ourselves.
The name now of some players who, in the arc of your football career, have given you more trouble.
I've been playing for so many years and I've met many notable adversaries who put me in trouble, especially in terms of speed, but all of them have always encouraged me to improve my shortcomings to be in later sporting moments more and more situation.
Finally, what do you feel like asking, as captain, for your teammates, to end this championship in the best way.
The only thing possible: we continue to fight together !!!

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