The post-match interview ... with Federica Funiciello

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Funiciello-federica01After the victory against Vittorio Veneto, the captain of the female Emolese Federica Funiciello takes stock of the situation.
Why did you win?
"We made an excellent match from the point of view of agony, determination, team solidarity and character. All of this, combined with a good dose of cynicism, was essential to win the game ".
Four consecutive victories. What has changed compared to the first results?
"At the beginning we simply needed a bit of running-in, getting to know each other better, putting together the mechanisms that are fundamental in a team. Although, at the beginning, the results were not the best we have always worked well and these victories are the proof ".
Now where can you arrive?
"We just have to think about working well in the week as we are doing and playing at the most every Sunday. It will be the championship to tell us where we can get ".
Stop what do you need?
"The break will allow us to recover some girls who are a bit 'bruised and to continue our work both physical and tactical. There is still a lot of work to do and this week we will be able to work with more peace as we do not have to prepare any games for Sunday ".

Mirko Melandri
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