Monday, May 11 2015
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The interview .. with Alessandra Salvotti

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you were saved-alessandraTwo talks with the new tip of the feminine Alessandra Salvotti Alessandra Salvotti who looks to the match on Sunday in Foligno and returns to the home victory against Venezia Lido.
On Sunday go to Foligno which has zero points. Technically I think there is no story, but that attitude do you have to have?
"I think the attitude must be the same as a game played against the first in the standings. We need to continue our string of positive results, so we need to be grit, determination and humility without underestimating the opponent because, as we know, football is unpredictable ".
First success at home. Why did you win?
"I think it was a game that, in the first half, did not give a lot of emotions even if we had chances. We were a bit 'adapted to the other team then, in the second, we came out in the best possible way by giving us an important victory for us and our public.
Three points that give confidence. How much did you need?
"We really needed these three points. I believe that these points give us the strength to grow again and to believe in our means and even if we are a new staff this allows us to unite even more ".
Is the running-in finished? Where do you want to go now?
"I am very superstitious so I do not want to say that the running-in is over because, as previously mentioned, the staff is new and therefore we still need to know each other better from a football point of view. I think every game is a great opportunity to improve our future performances. As a team we all aim to win every game ".
You have also unlocked yourself. Were you worried about not scoring?
"I scored and this gave me even more confidence in my means. I was a bit worried about not scoring yet in three games but now, breaking the ice, I want to give my team some great performances. "
How was your placement in a group that changed?
"I could not ask for anything better. The group immediately treated me as if I had been with them for some time. Mister, vice coaches and companions were really very open to new entries ".

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