Cristiana Girelli after the challenge against her former Verona

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girelli-Christian-BresciaA smiling and excited Cristiana Girelli, stops at our microphones after the beautiful victory of Brescia on Verona in Verona. A special race for Girelli, for many years the flag of the Venetian team and now on the strength of the biancazzurre by Milena Bertolini.

Cristiana, today a great Brescia has responded in the best way to the doubts raised after the race with Tavagnacco.

Well clear, I think the doubts on that occasion have come to everyone and that's right. But I think that today the team has reacted well with a great test, both in terms of pride, both in terms of the game. We have always tried to respond to their launches with a maneuver starting from behind. We gave up a bit in the second half, but we had the stubbornness and the skill to keep the game and to find the 3-1, even with a little luck. Then on the three to one there was nothing more to do, the race is over there.

How much emotion in re-covering the Olivieri ground, but this time no longer with the Gialloblù jersey?

Large numbers. I was not expecting it sincerely, because in the week I lived it without thinking too much. Then this morning I started to realize and as soon as I set foot in the field it was a very strong emotion, especially when I gave my friends five to five because I was usually on the other side. It was really exciting.

Now for you there is the national team. Will you give us another decisive goal like the one against Romania?

Eh, we hope. It will be a very difficult game. Spain is the team that we most fear of our group and moreover we play with them. It will be tough, but we have a week to prepare it and I think the coach and the technical staff will put us in the best condition to face it.

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