Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Valpo as a family and Verona as a city.

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bingo-ireneThis is the choice made by Irene Tombola, midfielder of Fimauto, one of the architects of the promotion in Serie A that since this year, in addition to the leap, has decided to try a new experience, leaving Padua and settling in our city. For Irene football has always been something special since the first day when he asked his parents for a gift for his eight years: playing football. "I always followed my dad and my brother - he remembers - and I immediately fell in love with this sport, it was not easy at first because I was practicing gymnastics with good results, even though I wanted to play football. to my parents, I started with the little ones ". Accomplice the fact that his father Carlo was training the Gordige, Irene moved to that society where, at 14 years, he debuted in series D. Then the passage in Venice where he played for nine years and where, remember, "I scored the most beautiful and important that allowed us to beat Lazio and save us ". A goal unfortunately useless because Venice failed, forcing Irene to change society. "I already felt the need to change a little, and the failure of the company allowed me to decide where to move." The choice fell on Valpo since other team mates chose to land in Valpolicella. "At first I was a little hesitant - he admits - because I didn't know what environment I would find. Instead it was a wonderful surprise for the reception I received that gave me the feeling of being in this team for a lifetime." With the Fimauto, Irene returns to play in Serie A, a strong emotion experienced on Sunday against Roma. "It was a battle but, above all, it was exciting to begin with the friends supported by a fan - and here the emotion in his eyes is even more evident - which one must be just proud of." And then, particular not from little, from this year Irene plays with her idol, Valentina Boni. "When I saw her the first time I was very happy and I gave her without thinking for a moment the number ten that I usually wore. For me she is an example as a player and as a person." The season has just begun but Irene's intentions are very clear. "I hope the Fimauto can be the surprise of the championship. Mister Formisano is transmitting all his passion and the team is growing every day. About me I hope to feel good and do well here. I don't want to think about the past, what is state and what it could be, I personally do not have a personal goal, even if the dream of every player is to dress at least once in the blue, and series A is a showcase for all. but nothing prevents me from doing so ". And who knows if it really happens.

Marco Hrabar

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