Friday, 15 May 2015
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marinelliIn the week leading up to the first championship match, the young Grifo striker dreams of a protagonist season: "I dream of arriving in double figures". The home debut against Tavagnacco postponed to Sunday 29 September.
Gloria Marinelli, a young striker of the 1998 class, is in force at Grifo Perugia Femminile from the 2012 / 13 football season. He started playing soccer at the age of six with Agnone, a Molise male company where he reached the 'Giovanissimi' category, showing off mainly for the excellent performance. Her talents have not gone unnoticed and last year she found herself catapulted into a totally different environment but certainly more fascinating and suitable for her. Despite the initial intention of making it play in 'Primavera', Mr. Scapicchi considered the girl already ready for the top flight and so, at just 15 years, the young talent had a lot of space in "First Team". The debut match was at home with the Fiammamonza, already there had shown good personal skills that then were repeated and confirmed through some goals, all the winning double in Verona against the Mozzecane.
Marinelli, what did you feel when you were playing so young already in Serie A?
"Honestly, I did not expect to be able to immediately get into the 'First Team', in fact I came here knowing I had to play with 'Primavera' Then after two games I received the first call from Mr. Scapicchi and I was very happy and at the same time surprise The second match with the 'big' was the debut against Fiammamonza, I played the last part of the game and I think I also made a good impression.In the following games then it got better and better. the last game was always a constant emotion, especially when I could score "

What news has brought the landing on the bench of the new technician, Sciurpa?
"He is a great motivator, he has a decisive personality in the field and he demands seriousness and commitment, he is very meticulous and attentive to details and in this I see again Scapicchi." One thing that struck me is the enthusiasm that he puts into his work. I also want to add that it is the merit of the coach if today I'm here, in fact it was him, two years ago, to see me and want me here at Grifo "
Personal and team goals for the season to start?
"Personally I have set myself the goal of achieving double figures from the realization point of view, at least ten goals, I want to play well, also improving last year's performances, eliminating any kind of fear." As for the team I hope to succeed reach a more peaceful and anticipated salvation than last season "
Is Tavagnacco one of the worst opponents to meet at the debut?
"It is certainly among the most accredited teams and probably not within our reach, but football does not always respect the predictions, we will play at home and this will have to be a further incentive to do well and start off on the right foot".

WITH TAVAGNACCO SUNDAY 29 SEPTEMBER - The Women's Football Division has accepted the request of Tavagnacco, which on the basis of the new regulation has requested the postponement of one day of the race against Grifo, due to the midweek commitment of some players in the national team. Instead of Saturday 28 September, the challenge, valid for the first day of the championship, will be held Sunday 29 at 15, at the stadium of the "Ornari" of Ponte San Giovanni, new home "home" for the girls of Giacomo Sciurpa.

Andrea Sonaglia

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