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So much regret, but in the final goes Torres.

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SISSI 4Piva ignites the Biancocelesti hopes, but in the second half Panico and Iannella overturn the result.

Mozzanica - The dreams of playing the Rimini final of this edition of the Italian Cup, for the biancocelesti girls, are breaking. Captain Locatelli and companions caress for long stretches of the match the hope of taking off the pass for the last round of the season, they play an excellent race, go ahead, but in the second half is the Torres of Mister Manuela Tesse to check it, thanks to implementation skills of its interpreters. Mister Fracassetti allows himself so from the Mozzanica at the end of a season of the highest level, which saw this team grow and get close to the big, touching a final of the Italian Cup. The orobic technician, deploying the same eleven of Verona, with Viviana Schiavi still diverted to the right. The sardines present themselves with the formation of the decisive championship match lost with Brescia. Only bench for Giorgia Motta. The two teams enter the field exhibiting the message "Women's Football I Like It!", An initiative by, aimed at drawing attention to our movement, which has been joined by important VIPs such as Ilaria D'Amico and Ilary Blasi.

The first occasion of the race arrives at the 5 'on the feet of Giacinti, at the invitation of Riboldi. The n. 9 bergamasca lingers in the conclusion and allows the recovery at the last minute to Elisabetta Tona. The response of the guests arrives at 7 'with Iannella's off target at the end of an excited action in the orobic area. The Sassari won a corner at the 13 ', joining Maendly, for the head of Patrizia Panico that from two steps is in the arms of Gritti. In midfield the tension is very high and you fight the white weapon on all the balls. At the 21 'the Mozzanica wins the ball, Mauri moves close to the 16 meters and delivers the ball on the right to Piva, whose conclusion is a real shot that slips next to the post to the left of Thalmann. Mozzanica ahead and delirious on the terraces and on the field for the prowess of Empress Sissi. Torres could draw immediately at 26 ', when on the cut in the Panico area for Fuselli, Gritti comes out to Kamikaze and makes the ball in two stages. The guests have accused the blow and the attempt is from the distance of Stracchi whose aim is decidedly unhappy. It is instead the Mozzanica to have on hand the possible blow of K. O: Riboldi launches deep into Giacinti that crosses a prairie, shows up in front of Thalmann but is hypnotized literally by the Swiss goalkeeper of Torres, who saves in the corner. On the development of the shot from the flag, the ball comes to Tonani whose left is soiled by the deviation of Iannella that almost finds the Sardinian network. First fraction that ends with the well-deserved measurement advantage of the premises.

In the second half the islands enter the field with greater conviction and, taking advantage of the momentary numerical superiority for the exit from the field of Viviana Schiavi, find at 5 'the flash of stainless Patrizia Panico that brings the race in parity: Stracchi serves with the goniometer the n. 9 rossoblu 'who does not pray and beats Gritti with a paw in the door. The landlords do not break up and in the quarter of an hour Scarpellini from midfield serves Giacinti centrally from the limit tries the volée without finding the big target. Over the minutes, guests earn precious meters. At 28 'the raise from the rear of Tona becomes an assist for Panico who enters the area, but finds on his way a great Alessia Gritti that foils the menace. The extreme orobic but nothing can five first later, when Iannella off the ball crossed by Domenichetti and head invents a mocking parable that slips into the door of Bergamo, overturning the result. The Sardinian network is a real blow to the premises that at 35 'risk to capitulate. Domenichetti's corner, Panico left guiltily alone in the middle of the area can gobble undisturbed, the ball slams on the crossbar and returns to n. 9 Sassari that in reverse is missing the door very little. In the remaining ten minutes the landlords are no longer able to worry about the guest door and the Torres off the ticket to Rimini, where he will face on Friday 6 June Tavagnacco, victorious on the Res Rome. Just the regret at the end of the race for a very rare waste of entering the history of the competition for the biancocelesti, but a good one anyway to the girls for what has been done this season. Now comes the time of well-deserved rest for the protagonists Mozzanichesi, appointment to all our fans at the next championship and always Forza Mozzanica!


networks: Piva (M) at 21 'pt; Panic (T) at 5 'and Iannella (T) at 32' st

MOZZANICA: GRITTI, RIZZON (from 44 'ST GARAVELLI), TONANI, BRAMBILLA (from 35' ST CAMBIAGHI), SCHIAVI, LOCATELLI, PIVA, MAURI, GIACINTI, SCARPELLINI, RIBOLDI. All. Paolo Fracassetti. Available: Orlando, Dossi, Brayda, Fusar Poli, Bianchi.


Referee: Matteo Marcenaro of Genoa, assistants: Giusi Schiavina of Mantua and Marzia Maltese of Milan.

Ammonite: Maendly (T) at 1 ', Panico (T) at 8', Schiavi (M) at 9 ', Bartoli (T) at 32' st

Note: Sunny day, field in excellent condition. Present on the 400 stands people. Best on the pitch: Piva (M) and Iannella (T).

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