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An unfortunate autorete and a goal by Zuliani lead Tavagnacco in the Coppa Italia final
In the semifinals, the Italian Cup dream of Res Rome crashes, losing 2 to 0 against Tavagnacco, in the match played at Ciampino due to the unavailability of "Raimondo Vianello".
An unfortunate owner of Ciccotti at the end of the first part of the game, and a goal by Zuliani at the beginning of the second half, allow the Friulians to reach Torres, a corsair player on the field of the Mozzanica.
Mister Melillo opted for the 4-5-2 with Pipitone between the posts, Colini, Morra and Ciccotti in defense, Gambarotta, Simonetti, Villani, Coluccini and Fracassi in midfield, with the attacking pair formed by the tandem Pittaccio - captain Nagni .

The start of the race is balanced, with the two teams struggling to create real network actions: the guests try with Vicchiarello and Bonetti, the landlords respond with Nagni and Pittaccio, whose conclusions, however, do not worry Penzo. A few minutes from the 45 ° the episode that decides the match: harmless cross of Bonetti and unfortunate deviation of Ciccotti that displaces Pipitone.
In the second half Res Roma tries to subvert the balance trying to close the Tavagnacco in their own half, but the sinks of Nagni and companions do not bear the expected fruits and on the counterattack the Friulians find the doubling with Zuliani, who puts Pipitone and signs the final two to zero. The final race is of brand Res Roma: Coluccini and Villani try from distance, Pittaccio and Nagni put the chills in Penzo but the result does not change. The triple whistle celebrates the Friulians who will compete for the trophy to the vice champions of Italy Torres.
Before the race, held in front of a large and warm public, the company Res Roma has rewarded the teams "young" and "spring", which have graduated regional champions in their respective categories.
"We have to congratulate the girls who played a great game - said the Giallorossi coach Fabio Melillo - honoring the commitment with self-sacrifice and spirit of sacrifice. With a little 'luck we could also pass the turn, but it is not important because it was essential for us to provide the performance, because we look for answers on our size and after today we know that great football has approached. Congratulations to Tavagnacco for the excellent performance provided and I'm happy also for the sporting atmosphere that has breathed. I close dedicating this season, which has given us so many satisfactions, and above all the performance of today, to our public, moving today: playing for people like this is an honor for us! "
Marking machines: 38 ° aut. Ciccotti - 70 ° Zuliani
RES ROME: Pipitone, Colini (56 ° Biasotto), Gambarotta (85 ° Ceccarelli), Ciccotti, Morra (72 ° Marzi), Villani, Pittaccio, Coluccini, Simonetti, Nagni, Fracassi. Available: Gizler, Valetto, Cortelli, Nicosia. All .: F. Melillo
TAVAGNACCO: Penzo, Bischi, Martinelli, Tuttino (56 ° Camporese), Laterza, Bissoli, Bonetti (79 ° Del Prete), Vicchiarello, Zuliani (85 ° Copetti), Brumana, Rodella. Available: Cabass, Pochero, Peressotti, Del Prete, Camporese, Copetti, Usenich. All. M. Rossi.
Referee: Pelagatti from Livorno. Assistants: Ferrari and Fainelli of Aprilia
Ammonite: Laterza - Zuliani - Rodella (T)

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