Saturday, April 04 2020
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Vale goalVerona - Under the scorching sun that illuminates the synthesis of the AGSM Stadium in Via Sogare, the Verona of Renato Longega makes the honors at Paolo Fracassetti's Mozzanica. For the two teams on the pitch today's game is of particular importance: the Italian Cup in fact can give prestige to a satisfying season, but not exciting for both teams. Scaligere and orobiche line up the two formations, absente the long-term Ramera for the landlords and Spinelli for the guests.

The emotions start immediately: at 2 'Scarpellini receives on the trocar and fishing in the corridor Giacinti that appears in front of Ohrstrom and sends the ball behind, despite the desperate opposition of n. Scandinavian 1. The landlords do not break up and throw themselves forward, winning three shots from the flag in two minutes, without success the first two, but on the third Karlsson stands higher than all and immediately returns to the 9 'race in a tie. The landlords try to exploit the side bands, while it is in the central suggestions that the Mozzanica can hurt. At 15 'Ohrstrom has to leave his area to anticipate Giacinti, while immediately after Mason, served in the area from Naples, comes in front of Gritti who saves the door with a feline reflection. The Panzer of Val Cavallina has a golden opportunity at 17 ', but alone in front of the goalkeeper Scala loses the moment and control of the ball that ends at the bottom. Race in great balance with continuous rapid reversals in front. Tonani tries a long-range free-kick from the 35, but does not bother Stephanie Ohrstrom. The intensity of the play is very high and at the 45 'in sig. Donda of the section of Cormons puts an end to a spectacular first fraction, surrounded by a colorful audience of at least 500 present. The same 22 of the first half return to the field and the race resumes at an incessant pace. Scarpellini heats the left at 3 ', but the shot is central. At 9 'is seriously injured Di Criscio, forced to go out on a stretcher, replaced by Gelmetti. The young striker Scaliger takes position alongside Mason, while Gabbiadini climbs into the band and Toselli on the line of defenders. Gabbiadini at 12 'test the stone from the right corner of the area, but Gritti is well positioned and blocks. Five minutes later he imitates the other side of Tonani, but Ohrstrom is not surprising. At 20 'Gritti comes out in avalanche on Gelmetti launched to the network, the intervention seems on the ball, but the referee stops the game and warns the extreme biancoceleste. The consequent punishment of Gabbiadini is without result. At the 23 'Giacinti receives at the limit and invents a shotgun to the flight, on which Ohrstrom performs a spectacular flight of angel to save in corner. The Mozzanica grows and on remittance builds a beautiful action at 25 ', which Scarpellini concludes with a right outside out of the box. The well-deserved guest advantage materializes two first after, when Riboldi crosses for Mauri who stays in the chest, brings the ball into the area and precarious balance comes to direct the ball to the door, where Ohrstrom has perhaps the first indecision of the season and he sees the ball slip into the bag. At half an hour Schiavi is replaced by Dossi. Nothing changes in Fracassetti's chessboard. A second later Tonani fired a free-kick towards the goal, but Ohrstrom redeemed himself by removing the ball from the crossing of the posts. But at the 34 'the Swedish goalkeeper must bow to collect the ball in the net for the third time. Tonani from the left brushes the perfect cross for the head of Giacinti that incorporates the ball next to the post and goes to collect the ovation of the public faith guest, offering a welcome extra show that costs the yellow card however. Longega tries everything by inserting Belfanti for Lagonia, while Fracassetti replies with Brayda for Riboldi and Cambiaghi for Giacinti. Naples at 38 'overrides Gritti with a beautiful cross on the far post, where Gabbiadini arrives uncoordinated and does not find the door for nothing. The Verona tries the final boarding and the emotions are no end because the 46 'Gelmetti gets a penalty. Captain Gabbiadini shoots a shot on the right of Gritti but he throws himself and repels the shot of n. 8 scaligera. Melania Gabbiadini is forgiven by tearing off the cross of Toselli and framing the net at 48 '. But for the landlords it is too late and after 5 'recovery the race director ceases hostilities. The Mozzanica triumphs at the AGSM Stadium, playing the perfect match and will face Torres in the semifinals. The Italian Cup dream continues!
VERONA-MOZZANICA-2-3networks: Giacinti (M) at 2 ', Karlsson (V) at 9' pt; Mauri (M) at 27 ', Giacinti (M) at 34' and Gabbiadini (V) at 48 'st
Verona: 1 OHRSTROM, 2 SQUIZED, 3 LEDRI, 4 SALVAI, 5 KARLSSON, 6 CRISCIO (from 10 'st GELMETTI), 7 TOSELLI, 8 GABBIADINI, 9 MASON, 10 NAPOLI, 11 LAGONIA (from 34' st BELFANTI). All. Renato Longega. Available: Bianchi P., Marconi, Baldo.
Mozzanica: 1 GRITTI, 2 RIZZON, 3 TONANI, 4 BRAMBILLA, 5 SCHIAVI (from 31's.TAS DOSSI), 6 LOCATELLI, 7 PIVA, 8 MAURI, 9 GIACINTI (from 41 'ST CAMBIAGHI), 10 SCARPELLINI, 11 RIBOLDI (from 39 'st BRAYDA). All. Paolo Fracassetti. Available: Orlando, Fusar Poli, Garavelli, Bianchi L. Referee: Mr. Nicola Donda of Cormons; Assistants: Barbuscio and Marcomini of Verona.

Ammonite: Riboldi (M) at 5 ', Gritti (M) at 20' and Giacinti (M) at 46 'st

Note: Hot day with an almost summery sun. Present on the stands about 500 spectators. At 46 'st Gritti rejects a penalty from Gabbiadini. Best in the field: Giacinti (M) and Ohrstrom (V). Photo by CM Righetti courtesy of the Verona Women's press office

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