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Emilia-Romagna-campoione-italiau15okEmilia Romagna beats Friuli in extra time and graduates the Under 15 Italian champion. In the final of the tournament of the Under15 representatives of Chianciano Terme, Emilia Romagna conquers, thanks to the best express game and the double of the Bolognese Antolini, the tricolor title for representative. The match offered good technical and athletic ideas with the first time of the Friulian brand, validated by the advantage thanks to a great goal by Ferin. In the second half, Emilia Romagna finds the strength to react, press and with the passing of the minutes puts in difficulty the opponents who manage to close the second fraction of the game in the lead. In the third time the turnaround. At the 10 ° the Antolini draw arrives that will be repeated in the second extra time giving the victory to his region.
A good choral test with two struck crosses and a canceled offside goal, contribute to the deserved victory of Emilia Romagna against the good and willing formation of Friuli.
The final for the 3 ° and 4 ° place was won by Lombardy that prevailed on Lazio for 1 0 at the end of a match fought and balanced.
Yesterday took place the other end .. 5 th place for the region who beat on penalties after the Liguria that extra you were locked goalless while Puglia beat Sicily always on penalties after a thrilling 3 to 3.
Football show and fair play in the stands have characterized and distinguished the tournament of the Under 15 female representatives that every year offers us moments of pure sport, technique and fun.

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