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coverciano-under15 oThis morning, the terrible Under 15 women's football have landed in the temple of football to play the last available cartridges and outline the final grid of the finals of this tournament.
The first match of the day was between Campana and Sicily, ended in goal without too many emotions and a bit of disappointment for the girls bells that aspired to victory. Subsequently, the big match of group B was played, which saw the success of Emilia Romagna on Lombardy for 1 to 0 at the end of a good race, fought and played with intensity by both formations, determined to conquer the group's leadership and access to the final for the 1 and 2 placed against Friuli Venezia Giulia, already qualified a day in advance, which has impacted with Puglia.
Lazio redeems the defeat suffered with Friuli with a beautiful victory against Liguria for 3 at 0 and the final for the 3 and 4 won against Lombardy.
Another beautiful day of football and fun for our young promises, guests and tourists for a day in Coverciano with a visit to the Football Museum and a meeting with the National Under 17 and Maggiore in preparation for the European Championships in July.
The finals will be played on Saturday and Sunday, here are the pairings:

Saturday 9.00 hours, 7 Final - 8 place: Sicily - Puglia
Saturday hours 10.30, Final 5 - 6 place: Campania - Liguria
Sunday hours 9.00, Final 3 - 4 place: Lombardy - Lazio
Sunday hours 10.30, Final 1 - 2 place: Emilia R. - Friuli VG.

RESULTS & CLASSIFICATIONS ON: www.calciodonne.eu

photo of the LND

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