Tournament of the Under 15 Regions: Second day balanced and full of emotions

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tournament-under15-photo orChianciano en rose, under 15, woke up with group A, which gave rise to two exciting and balanced races, both ended with the result of 2 1 and lots of emotions.
At 9.00, Lazio and Friuli VG. They went down to the Comunale to play the entire stakes, essential to maintain the head of the group. The mathematics has rewarded the Friulians who prevailed over the final Lazio, even if, perhaps, the most just result would have been a draw. Victory also for Liguria that has had the best on Puglia. Two beautiful games and all postponed to the next round with Friuli, leaders of the group, who will face Puglia, taillight but not for this demotiva to win a nice victory and the interesting clash, direct, between Lazio and Liguria. Results and ranking
In the afternoon, Lombardy overwhelmed Sicily for 6 at 1. A game without history with the Lombards in training in view of the big match on Friday against Emilia Romagna, stopped on a par from the excellent Campania that collects the second draw. Friday in Coverciano is played; Campania - Sicily and Emilia - Lombardy to define the ranking of the group still uncertain. Results and ranking
If Campania beat Sicily and Lombardy - Emilia tie, the three teams would finish on equal points and to define the ranking you should resort to the regulation that takes into account the score achieved, by all the teams, with penalties, as from the following regulation:
(at the end of all the competitions, in any case, the two teams will carry out penalty kicks, in compliance with the current federal regulations.)
The outcome of the penalty shots will be considered only to determine the final ranking if there are two or more teams with the same ranking and as indicated in the next paragraph.
The team with the highest number of points in the standings will be the winner of the group. In case of a tie between two or more teams the following parameters will be considered in order:

1) result of the direct clashes between all the teams with the same points, not taking into account the outcome of the penalty shots;
2) ranking determined excluding the results obtained with the last team classified in their group (if not interested);
3) result of penalties (considering the only teams with the same points);
4) greater number of "Green Cards" achieved (see point 8);
5) classification of the discipline;
6) draw.
Determination of final matches: At the end of the rounds of the group, the final ranking will determine the matches for the final races, providing that the first classified in the group disputes the final for the 1 ° -2 ° place of the Tournament.
The second classified will play the final of the 3 ° -4 ° place.
The third classified will play the final for the 5 ° -6 ° place.
The fourth classified will play the final for the 7 ° -8 ° place.
Final races: At the end of the race the Representative will have won the most number of networks. In case of a tie we will proceed with the dispute of two extra times of the
duration of 5 'each. In the event that there is still parity, the penalty shootouts will be executed, in compliance with the current federal regulations.

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