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Final Phase Regulation "Tournament for Regional Representatives Under 15 Female"

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Tournament-representative-under15-2013The Youth and Scholastic Sector organizes the Regional Women's Representative Tournament, in which young players participate as specified in the 1, 2, 3 and 9 points of these Regulations.
The final phase includes the Regional Representative 8s that have been winners at the end of the preliminary interregional meetings.
The final phase will take place from 23 to 30 June in Chianciano Terme (SI).
1. Representation Training: Each representative will be composed of 16 kickers, 4 people who are members of the technical staff, plus the eventual driver. The Representatives will be housed at the "Santa Chiara" Hotel in Chianciano Terme, located in Via dei Colli, 50, (for any hotel needs, contact "Clante Hotels" 0578.63360 - 63037)
For the formation of the teams, up to a maximum of 3 (three) players from the same company may be selected, with the possibility of using players who perform, for example, activities in the Young Football Tournament or in mixed official activities with the boys (eg . Young or Beginners).
Regions that find it difficult to find young players within the indicated limits, can request a specific justified derogation from the Youth and School Sector.
In any case it will not be possible to select girls already called in the regional representative of a higher category.
The technical staff must be composed as follows:
1 technician as selector, with minimum qualification of "Basic Trainer"
1 accompanying manager
1 doctor
1 masseur or physiotherapist
If it is difficult to find the figure of the doctor, specific communication must be made to the Youth and School Sector which will organize the competitions so that at least one doctor is present in each race. 2 of 6.
2. List of female players: By 20 June 2013 each participating Region must send to the writer Sector:
a) the list of the players called for the Tournament, indicating name, surname, date of birth, belonging Company;
b) the composition of the technical staff of the representative, indicating the name, surname, date of birth, role and qualification of each.
3. Age limits: The 1.1.1998 girls who have completed their 12 year of age may be part of the representative, with the following limitations: the girls born in the 1998 cannot be more than 9 (nine).
4. Development modalities: The competitions are articulated with meetings between 9 soccer players per team, in a field of reduced dimensions.
In this regard, some specific regulatory rules for the 9c9 game are briefly recalled:
a) lateral remittances: by hand (as per official regulation)
b) remittances from the fund: with the ball on the ground inside the penalty area
c) back pass to the goalkeeper: the goalkeeper is not allowed to take the ball with his hands after a back pass with his own feet (as per official regulation)
d) offside: it is sanctioned by the line of the penalty area (15 mt. from the baseline), rather than by the half-way line.
The Tournament includes the formation of two groups each composed of 4 teams, providing one-way matches with the "Italian style" formula.
The groups were formed taking into consideration the placement in the preliminary phase, while the schedule of the matches will be drawn on 23 June at 19,00, at the technical meeting to be held in Chianciano Terme (SI).
At the end of the races they come to the teams are awarded No. 3 points in case of victory, No. 1 point of case of draw and No. 0 points in case of defeat.
In any case, the two teams that gave life to the confrontation, at the end of the match will make the penalty throws, in compliance with the federal regulations in force.
The outcome of the penalty throws will be considered only to determine the final ranking if there are two or more teams with the same ranking and as indicated in the following paragraph. 3 of 6
The team with the highest number of points in the standings will be the winner of the group. In case of a tie between two or more teams the following parameters will be considered in order:
1) result of the direct clashes between all the teams with the same points, not taking into account the outcome of the penalty shots;
2) ranking determined excluding the results obtained with the last team classified in their group (if not interested);
3) result of penalties (considering the only teams with the same points);
4) greater number of "Green Cards" achieved (see point 8);
5) classification of the discipline;
6) draw.
Determination of final matches: At the end of the rounds of the group, the final ranking will determine the matches for the final races, providing that the first classified in the group disputes the final for the 1 ° -2 ° place of the Tournament.
The second classified will play the final of the 3 ° -4 ° place.
The third classified will play the final for the 5 ° -6 ° place.
The fourth classified will play the final for the 7 ° -8 ° place.
Final races: At the end of the race, the Representative who has scored the greatest number of goals will be the winner. In the event of a tie, two additional times will be held
duration of 5 'each. In the event that there is still parity, the penalty shootouts will be executed, in compliance with the current federal regulations.
5. Duration of the races, game times and time-out. Given the way the Tournament takes place (see point 7), each race will have the total duration of 60 ', with 20' being divided into three times each.
Any extra time will have the total duration of 10 ', divided into two fractions of the duration of 5' each.
During the competition, each technician has the opportunity to request a 1 'time-out, this request can be made at any time as long as the team requesting it is in possession of the ball in its own half and the game be firm.
6. Size of the playing field, doors and balls:
a) The playing field will have the following minimum / maximum dimensions:
Length: between 65 and 75 mt.
Width: between the 45 and 55 mt.
b) The area of ​​rigor, of rectangular shape, must have the following measures:
Width mt. 35
Length 15 mt
c) The penalty kick must be kicked from a distance of mt. 9Pag. 4 of 6
The playing field can be identified by positioning it across the regulatory field, so that the bottom line of the "reduced" field coincides with the lateral line, making sure that any obstacles or fences are at an adequate distance from the playing field.
The doors will be small in size of mt. 5-6 x 1,80-2.
The balloons will be of reduced size, conventionally identifiable with the number "4".
7. Players substitutions: All the players registered on the list will have to take part in the race, participating in at least one time of the first two.
Therefore, at the end of the first half all the players registered in the competition list who did not take part in the first half of the game, will have to enter the field and can no longer be replaced, except for valid health reasons.
The third game time may include free substitutions, as long as they are played when the game is stopped.
In summary, the number of substitutions to be made remains unlimited, but does not exceed the maximum number of seven for each fraction of the race, during which those who leave the field can no longer take part in the same portion of the game, except in the cases of injury in which there are no more girls available to replace them.
If this rule is not observed, the result of the tender will be determined automatically.
8. Green Card
Also in this activity, as indicated in CU # 1 of the current sports season, it is possible to assign the "Green Cards" for particular "Fair Play" gestures towards comrades, opponents, race director and / or public.
The Clerk of the Course will evaluate attitudes that highlight fair and fair gaming events (Fair Play), related to both the individual and the team.
The assigned "Green Cards" will be indicated on the arbitration report, specifying the reason for the assignment.
9. Suitability for sporting activities: All the girls participating in the Tournaments must be in possession of the fitness to practice sport for competitive activity, as expressed in the CU No. 1 of the Sector
Youth and Scholastic and foreseen by the Internal Organizational Norms of the FIGC, whose certificates must be submitted to the representative.
10. Arbitration of the competitions and assistants of the referee: The competitions will be directed by the referees of the territorially competent AIA Section, assisted by line assistants of part of the two representative teams. This role should be occupied, preferably, by the young players available to the technician, who 5 Pag. 6 will still have the opportunity to take part in the competition (see CU No. 1 of the Sector
Youth and Scholastic).
11. Sports Justice: Regarding the disciplinary rules, in the final phase the relative power is exercised by the Central Disciplinary Bodies of the Youth and School Sector.
However, it is necessary to disclose the following procedures:
1 the eventual expulsion of a female player during any race involves automatic disqualification;
2 the eventual expulsion of the goalkeeper during any race does not involve automatic disqualification, notwithstanding the provisions of art. 19, paragraph 10 of the CGS;
3 the players that during the final phase incur in two admonitions, also of different natures, will be disqualified for a competition;
4 warnings issued during the elimination phase, which do not result in disqualification, are canceled in the national final phase
Given the rapid nature of the demonstrations, the decisions taken by the Sporting Judge are final.
For all matters not covered by this regulation, reference is made to the articles of the Internal Organizational Norms of the FIGC of the Sports Justice Code, the Rules of the Game and the Official Announcement No. 1 of the Youth and School Sector.
Antonio Di Sebastiano Giovanni Rivera

General Program and Race Calendar
Under 15 Regional Representative Tournament Female "Comunale" playing field in Chianciano Terme (natural grass field)
Sunday 23 June 2013 (Arrival of the representatives in Chianciano Terme)
In the afternoon: Representative Arrival at the "Santa Chiara" Hotel - Via dei Colli n.50 (for any hotel needs contact "Clante Hotels" tel. 0578.63360 - 63037)
19,00 Hours Technical Meeting at "Santa Chiara" Hotel (Captain and Vice-Captain, Technical and Manager of each representative)
The race calendar will be defined by drawing lots. The groups are as follows:
Pool A:
Pool B:
Monday 24 June 2013 (1 ^ day)
hours 09,00 - Race 1 Group B -
hours 10,30 - Race 2 Group B -
hours 17,00 - Race 3 Group A -
hours 18,30 - Race 4 Group A -
Tuesday June 25 2013
9,00 hours Excursion / Guided Tour
Wednesday 26 June 2013 (2 ^ day)
hours 09,00 - Race 5 Group A -
hours 10,30 - Race 6 Group A -
hours 17,00 - Race 7 Group B -
hours 18,30 - Race 8 Group B -
Thursday June 27 2013
10,30 Hours Informational Meeting (all full Representatives), in the presence of Katia Serra (Italian Football Association) and a representative of the Italian Referees Association)
Friday 28 June 2013 (3 ^ day)
The races will be held in Coverciano, mixed field (synthetic grass and natural grass)
09,30 hours - 9 race Group A or B -
09,30 hours - 10 race Group A or B -
11,00 hours - 11 race Group B or A -
11,00 hours - 12 race Group B or A -
During the day there will be a visit to the Football Museum, lunch, meeting with the national teams "A" and "U.17", and the observation of the friendly match of the National "A" Women's Saturday, 29 June 2013 (Finals)
09,00 - Race 13 - Final 7 ° -8 ° place
10,30 - Race 14 - Final 5 ° -6 ° place
Sunday 30 June 2013 (Finals)
09,00 - Race 15 - Final 3 ° -4 ° place
10,30 - Race 16 - Final 1 ° -2 ° place
PS - The calendar may undergo changes relating to the playing field and time, if organizational requirements so require. In the event appropriate communications will be given sufficiently in advance.

Our portal will follow the events of the Tournament with articles on and with the results and rankings displayed on our portal

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