Friday, February 28 2020
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Giorgia Migliaccio: "A difficult but perfect championship to improve."

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migliaccio-boysWhat is complicated and tough is to do a championship against the males, but to play football and follow a dream you do everything. All games are very similar: the first half hour of the first half we always manage to limit the pressure of the opponents, but after one, two goals give themselves strength and start to prevail. After a while 'start a ball possession exhausting .. try to anticipate them but it is complicated; so consume all the strength to try to recover the ball. Often, however, you can do it, and winning a fight or having a rebound in favor will recharge you all. Try to open the game and put teammates in motion, but they are quick and almost certainly never manage to make you realize the action. Often it happens that in front of you, your team friends overcome an opponent, or even two in a row, they are near the penalty air and manage to throw the ball inside the door. That is the moment of the match where you have more strength, in fact, immediately after a goal you're like new, even if you're on the other side of the field, as always happens to me, you can find the strength to go to embrace the group. But a few minutes later the assault of the opponents begins again, which is sometimes unsurpassed.
Without a doubt, in the games against the boys, in any role an extreme job takes place, but I think that the role of defender is the most exhausting one. Despite my height I am a central defender, and I always find myself facing strikingly tall males, with very long legs and extreme speed, but my strong point is the speed so I can almost always equalize the opponent's race. Maybe migliaccio-friendI can overcome them, but your opponents are not stupid, they make the body prevail. A simple touch in speed displaces you, and so you are no longer in the lead and you have to triple the work to return. Fortunately, football is a team game and when you're in trouble, find your departmental team to help you. There are times when you need to help your team friends. Try in every way, with slips, shoves, or anything else to help your team. Often you are forced to sacrifice shortly before the opposing player throws a powerful ball in the direction of the door; you immolate yourself and hope that the ball ends up on your body rather than in the door. If it happens soon after you feel a part of your aching body, but you can not stop you have to get up and have to get the ball. And if you can, hope that your companions will manage it as well as possible to inflate the network. When you succeed you are super charged, you are willing to do the whole race field with a single shot to embrace the group and celebrate together. The celebrations are special if that goal has materialized against a men's team. A simple goal, despite you are four or five goals below, makes you feel satisfied, because you know that that goal was also achieved thanks to your help.
In the games against the males the times of play are reduced and therefore you must have the ability to recover as soon as possible. Against the girls it's all different, you have more time before the opponents come to press you, and we, used to lower play times, we almost always manage to anticipate them and it's all simpler because there's not a huge physical difference . Playing against the males, on some occasions you think that being a girl and having a slim body your opponents avoid getting hard on the balls or maybe avoid escorting with you .. but it is not at all like that! In fact, you kick, body shots .. but this is football and despite everything, despite the ailments, it is the thing you like to do, the thing you love most. I received multiple shots, and there are small scars on my legs. Often I happen to cover the signs, the signs of fighting that last 70 minutes, the 70 minutes more beautiful than a week.

Giorgia Migliaccio.

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