Friday, February 28 2020
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- The girls of SSV BRIXEN-OBI GIRLS win the men's debut championship

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Hannah-Bielak-Annalena-Santin-Lena-Acherer-Lisa-SullmannWith the victory for 3: 2 in the derby that opposed them to the leaders USD Bressanone the "terrible girls of the SSV Brixen OBI" graduated champions in the category male debutants!
With 7 2 victor draws and only 2 defeats the girls from Brissino (the only female team among the 12 participants) conquer 23 points that is worth the 1 final place in cohabitation with Bressanone and Campo Tures.
Brixen OBI also won both direct matches with SSV Taufers and USD Bressanone with the same result as 3: 2.

The Brissino girls in addition to the victories have always expressed a spectacular game that has delighted the spectators and coaches (even the opposing teams).
In addition to the players (talented and wanting to emerge) great merit should also be recognized to the two coaches Prof. Much Weissteiner and Prof. Florian Demetz. The two gym teachers did an excellent job leaving nothing to chance and brought the team to a level of football excellence.
The three weekly training sessions have been dealt with with great dedication, with the desire to emerge and perseverance and with the well - defined objective of leaving behind all the male teams.

The victory in the championship for male beginners is the result of a quality job and it is the demonstration of a job with few equals that the SSV Brixen OBI has played for years at a youth level.

The SSV BRIXEN OBI is a model company in women's football:

• The largest female football club at regional level / and among the first in Italy by number of registered
• Participate with the first team in the SerieA2 championship
• 100 kickers
• 6 teams
• Better youth work throughout the region

• 4 "terrible kickers" have been summoned to the regional U15 representative:
• Hannah Bielak (with appearances in A2 and 3 goal active)
• Annalena Santin
• Lena Acherer
• Lisa Sullmann

• 2 coaches summoned in the U17 National team:
• Sonia Weissteiner
• Johanna Rabanser

The Rose:
Goalkeeper Lena Acherer, Annalena Santin (Cap.), Lisa Sullmann, Sylvia Kammerer, Christina Niederegger, Sabine Wieland, Taina Plunger, Vivien Niederjaufner, Nadia Angerer, Stefanie Meraner, Lara Vorhauser, Lara Profanter, Alexa Baldessari, Lisa Wierer, Elina und Alissa Prast, Claudia Pernthaler.
Coaches: Much Weissteiner und Florian Demetz.

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