Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The ASD Roma women's football is Regional Champion

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Rome-very young-20121201 093253The final four for the assignment of the title of Regional Youth Campionesse runners are staged in via Cagliari in Ciampino.
It starts with the semi-final between Roma Calcio Women's first classified of the regular season and the Real Tor Sapienza, fourth place. The first obstacle that separates Rome from the title is this two-times semifinal from 15 minutes: only 30 minutes (instead of the usual 60) to prove its value.
The coaches Volpi and Brunetti ask the Giallorossi to take the field determined from the first moment and the girls do not have to pray: a bomber Giuliani enough 5 clock turns to unlock the result. At the 10 'and 13' Yleana Di Clavio comes on: two goals for her and downhill race.
In the second half the attention remains high and the wolf-girls close the race: in 4 minutes Giuliani and Angeletti are still on the net, who fix the result on the 5-0 and give the final to their team.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the Lazio - Res Roma challenge ends in scoreless goals. These are the penalties to send Lazio in the final against Roma.
And it is right that the championship ends as it started: with an exciting derby.
The two teams are initially faced with a little 'fear, given the stakes the beautiful game expressed by both during the championship can only be seen at times. Soon, however, the race comes alive and the young athletes of Rome and Lazio do not disappoint. Paolacci guards his own door, foiling all treachery, and the Biancocelesti attack actions are contained by Capitta's physicist and by the time of Bocci. In midfield Fiorini, Giuliani and Tumbarello are filtering now serving Di Clavio, now an irrepressible Angeletti.
This time 30 minutes unfortunately not enough and at the end of the regulation time the triple whistle sends Rome and Lazio to the penalty lottery.
From the spot they are not wrong the first rigor giallorosse, Fiorini right and left Santacroce. But also the biancazzurre bag and after the errors from the disk Capitta and Angeletti are in the lead.
The perfect rigor of Manna will re-establish the parity: 3-3.
It goes to the bitter end: on the disk goes Di Clavio, but his right crashes on the crossbar. Llunghi moments of silence and the desire to win the Giallorossi beats the fear of losing. The parade of Paolacci gives new life to the Giallorossi and Giada Giuliani deposited with serenity behind the goalkeeper. Lazio's subsequent error sends Roma to the stars: 4 to 3 and it's Roma to graduate Regional Champion and fly to Coverciano for another new adventure!
At the end of the race, the face of Mr. Maria Iole Volpi represents all the joy of the Giallorossi Club: "The girls were perfect, we won and we are proud and happy, but we want to congratulate all the opposing teams for the express game and for fair play shown in the race.These finals, thanks to all the protagonists took to the field, were really the sporting party. "
Congratulations to the Giallorossi and the staff who guide them for the excellent results obtained so far.

Final heartbeat with Lazio

FINAL FOUR Regional Youth Championship
Semifinal: Rome - Real Tor Sapienza 5 A 0 - FINALIST ROME
Marking machines: 5 'Giuliani, 10' By Clavio, 13 'By Clavio, 16' Giuliani, 20 'Angeletti
Semifinal Lazio - Res Roma 0 at 0 - after the penalties FINALISTA LAZIO

Final: Rome - Lazio 0-0, 4-3 (after penalty kicks) ROMA CAMPIONE
Marking machines: Fiorini, Santacroce, Manna, Giuliani
Great joy at home in Rome for the umpteenth success of the youth sector that wins the title of Regional Champion and then accesses the National event of Coverciano.
The Giallorossi have been perfect and have been able to keep calm and cold blood even when in the final match against Lazio they reached the penalties.

1 - ROME
2 - Lazio
3 - Real Tor Sapienza
4 - Res Rome

M. Quintarelli
resp. Communication

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