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Caira in A2, Serafini: "proud of my girls"

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seraphim-giampieroEntering the festive environment of a team that has achieved salvation is perhaps more difficult than being part of it. Trying to understand joy, the immense satisfaction of the result is perhaps impossible for those who have not lived that satisfaction, conquering it with sacrifice. For this reason to question the protagonists of a company (because this had become the victory for the Caira) it is perhaps empty to chat if you do not know what feelings, what demonstrations and efforts you are talking about.
The voice of the pride of an enthusiastic and visibly excited coach, who in his peculiar and irreplaceable talk expressed only in two words how "to save the Caira" was not an objective, but an indisputable will. "I'm proud of my girls," said Serafini, who then turned to his athletes and concluded with a sincere - and ve vojo well! " Without a word more or less; without masking the accent or the dialect, which are witnesses of a true feeling. The most interesting thought, that of an expert coach, who found the strength and the affection in the difficulty, demonstrating possible a result that was moving away from the expectations of everyone, perhaps even his own. Strong also the voice of Mr. Evangelista who strongly emphasizes the efforts of the Gialloblù: "Humility and sacrifice in football, as in life, always repay.You never missed Sunday, for 93 minutes.I can say proud and proud!"
So many voices were made on the occasion of this exciting victory, all linked by an exceptional sense of belonging, almost unexpected.
"Since the beginning of the year I declared almost every Sunday that we had to find the grit, the heart, the cohesion that distinguish us - explains Captain Moro - we finally did it in the most important moment, showing that even if persecuted by bad luck and from the emergency, we are a team that never gives in. Heart, passion and love for our shirt have made up for the tactical and technical deficiencies of a competition that is anything but perfect: the chorus of intentions, our own, those of society that We thank the fans, and everyone, for the necessary charge, it was the real beauty of this last victory. "
As said, so many injuries this season. The giant Di Bari out for too many matches, Zannino injured even today, Gallone only returned in the first of the Play Out and Comparone lost to 4 games from the end. They are the voice of obstinacy and tenacity, that of those who have been able to return and demonstrate, or simply those who have suffered much more having to look and hold on without being able to intervene.
"The personal account is not the best - confides the unfortunate Zannino - Staying out for over half the season has been unnerving, especially for the jump category: you fought a lot to win a regional championship and you find yourself a step from the brink, with 'obvious consequence to nullify all the efforts and sacrifices made up to that moment.The usual story of the new team: brief appearance and return to C, without having made too much noise, but how much noise to Marsico Nuovo! the last game of the play out, the last minutes useful, the same that in the past had penalized us, was indescribable: an immense joy, a unique emotion! The Caira has hit the bottom, he dug a little bit, has found the flames, it burned, but then with a superhuman strength and an immense heart is back! "
Even Comparone, back from a serious knee injury, has confided his immense joy for the conquest of salvation: "The girls gave me with this victory, unexplainable emotions, giving me a new chance, the same that I lost with the injury Now the desire to return to play with them, with this Caira, has tripled and the commitment that I will put in the recovery with it .. Despite the difficulties I never believed that between us there was no more the harmony of a team true, and on Sunday we showed it in every part of the pitch, from the bench to the stands! "
Protagonist of the Marsico match also the young goalkeeper Zullo, who has found a starting position in the last race after the injury of the excellent Altieri, forced to the bench; "I thought I was not able to face this championship," declares Zullo, "and this conviction has only brought negativity, both to my thoughts and my work, but in Marsico, on that field, something clicked and I felt I deserved it, together with my companions, that place in A2 From now only a great effort to confirm it! "
Great enthusiasm also and especially the bench. It is there that one really sees what is a team and what is not; there, where there is no way to throw out anxiety and adrenaline. And the Caira bench is as green as the playing rectangle; it is charged, it is fundamental, it is the voice of the soul of a team, the real one, that suffers immobility but loads the expectation. "One game - explains the tireless D'Alessandro - has repaid every moment of sacrifice and frustration". A motivated Di Meo completes his thoughts: "Wake up early on Sunday morning, the thousands of kilometers traveled, the training under the incessant water, the deep disappointment after all those last-minute draws." Everything has been rewarded by that triple whistle that has decreed that salvation in which perhaps no one else believed in. We took it with strength, the strength that has always distinguished us! " "On Sunday in the field - Pietrangelo confides - I saw eleven lions, for the first time all and eleven headed towards the same prey, only a great pride to be part of this team.I hope to be able to play with the girls again and again, and to grow , not just football, together with them. "
However, the Gialloblu do not forget the suffering of the results; last-minute draws, continuous injuries, and the ever-increasing urgency in the field. "A continuous alarm bell! - explains Gallone, returning with Palermo in the first of the Play out - This was the theme of our season, with a little pink complete, and in continuous emergency. match of the inside or outside, we have demonstrated, struggling, our value.I think that adding any other word is completely useless ".
Short and concise also the number 5 Castelli, who loves to remember with only two words the past league: "ninety-third" and "pareggite" term "doctor" coined for the occasion, never more apt to emphasize the tide of wasted opportunities that could have ferry Caira to safety long before the 12 in May, thus avoiding the risk of a relegation only escaped last.
"Thanks to the words of my captain, - explains Ferrelli - I decided to tackle what was for me the most beautiful emotion for me:" It will be the experience and the greatest fortune that will happen to you; play in A2, a category in which if you are not a wolf you have to become one, because you do not have time to be a sheep: they tear you! "Strong of a C championship just won, we have not proved up to this new series It's too competitive to be taken so lightly ... To say that we have never given up in spite of this is wrong ... At some point in the path I lost strength, desire and motivation, then an episode, a small turn and everything started to turn again : I remembered that football is first of all fun and seems a banality, but to think of things that did not compete I lost sight of the only goal.There was no more time for bad luck, injuries, misunderstandings, you had to get up the head, co the coach always told me and sweating, sacrificing ourselves and the team. So the only real victory has arrived: 2-0. No more defeats, draws, comeback to 92 'but compactness and tenacity. The three most anticipated and hoped whistles: let's stay in A2. My strength is not in the feet or in the head, but in my companions; it is thanks to them if I have been a "cub" at the right time. "
Even the central midfield Mancini did not hesitate to critically analyze the year just finished: "We started this adventure full, but from the beginning we encountered many difficulties, we had to deal with more experienced teams of us, as well as with the internal difficulties, but thanks to the desire and support of the company, Felice and the great job as a coach, motivator and sometimes even by psychologist Mister Serafini we have earned a deserved salvation with a performance all heart and soul, a team performance true! ".
"The hardness of the experience, of the lack of results, of appearing listless and surrendered has been broken by the only victory that counted - explains Di Paolo - I feel first responsible for numerous failures this year, the goals eaten, the actions and wasted occasions, they could have avoided so much suffering and so many insecurities.We needed to win to start believing again, but we could not.I saw in difficulty even the coach who, despite his experience and his skill, had to deal with a problem, in my opinion, still undefined.I thought I could not do it.I thought he would not be able to bring us back to win, and not for lack of confidence in him, but for our failure to react.When he tried to shake we seemed lacking in capacity I do not know how he did it, but he took us back for the headphones, he brought out all the desire to do well that we had hidden, a bit 'out of distrust a bit' out of boredom. of angry, but never extinguished; he struck us but with an affection born immediately, and fortunately, when he started walking, even though we slowly started almost all of them to follow him; it was not easy to drag on his desire to win. Despite everything I always look at the positive experiences, and I am sure that if we have suffered so much, we have also learned so much. Of all that has been we will treasure already from the first bars of the next preparation! "
The absolute protagonist of the Cairian football year just past is, without a doubt, the Di Bari of Gialloblu jersey, that of the important goal, of the victory felt and strongly conquered: "The emotions of the last game in Potenza, inside or out, I feel still on him - he declares - and will remain etched in my memory: the goal that arrives late and then the doubling for an explosion of joy equal to that of a promotion, of a Scudetto, so it was for the Caira, we won our little Scudetto: Grit and heart: that's what excited me about this 0 at 2, and here it is: this still means playing football for me, and it's the same for my classmates, the young and the "old", who live in the club like a family It 's been a painful season, uphill and waiting for something to change, to unlock us, to get the goals.We are a team with a thousand faces, I think it's right to call us "one, none, one hundred thousand": in more games absent spectators, in some with a glimpse of lucidity, in other players worthy of the name. The only sign of continuity is the never ceasing to believe that salvation was within our reach. Sometimes perhaps we did not say so with the necessary force, we did not scream at it, like in Palermo when we had to close the conversation and go home without the weight of another challenge without appeal; but obviously the challenges to the last breath we like, that's why I found myself here wearing a different shirt from the one I've been wearing all my life! Caira ... mission accomplished! "

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