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The right Caira at the right time! Mission salvation accomplished!

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20130512 174222_1It is not easy to create a true chronicle of what was the 2012 \ 2013 football year for the Caira Femminile.
Starting from a May 2012 of party and safety, after the ascent in A2 series and the certainty of a new and exciting experience, we reached the most hoped and desired arrival that could be expected: salvation.
Year of conjurations, of ugly periods, of almost indelible anxieties and fears, of appliques to excuses of fortune and to crumbled will; but the 2013 for the gialloblu society did not close in a negative way, as someone suspected and, why not, he hoped; rather, underlined the intense will of a group that, faced with a thousand fears and perplexities, even against every "seems" or "is already done", has crowned a much more concrete dream of salvation in itself, or the unique possibility to find himself, in a single victory, the one that has allowed the Caira of President Oliva, not to fall like a comet, but to remain star in a category more demanding than expected. Teeth and blood, to rest hanging and then force to retreat up.

Already, the most suitable image to frame a year of sacrifice and insurmountable stillness is just that: a thread and a lot of strength, but not too much, so you can get up and not break.

"The balance - explains President Oliva - this year have been from the outset, precarious, galvanized and loads for a season that we could and we wanted to face, we soon found ourselves chasing, but not the other teams, not the summit, and not even the salvation, we spent almost the whole year chasing the spirit that we could not find anymore, that of cohesion, strength, determination, and above all, of conviction.But having found everything in the last 90 minutes was how to make jackpots With the last token, do you know the bright colors and the music that accompany it? Nothing to do with the joy that I and everyone, indistinctly, have heard and demonstrated at the time of the important Di Bari seal. 1 to 0 all '88esimo, and for once the insult we were not undergoing.I can not explain it - concludes Oliva - but for the first time we did not win for the goal, for the result, we won in exultation, in the desire that we had d i achieve this goal. It was the real victory, the only one that could allow us to think about tomorrow. Paradoxically, more than closing the last season, on Sunday, we started the new one! "

Many thanks to the company, which start from the recognition for the commitment of the girls, all up to typhus, executives, sponsors and the great work done by the coaches: a winning combination that between Giampiero Serafini, at the helm of the Caira with his experience and ability since last February, and Felice Evangelista, mister in second and firm presence in the football life of the gialloblu since their debut in C. To whom the technique, to whom the tactics, to whom the spirit of sacrifice to whom the desire, no one has ever given up "even when you give up you came" - even when the draws to the end, the defeats that amazed, left a bitter taste. This is the great merit of all; the fans, the players, the company.

The Caira proved to have bite, even when he was giving up, because the character of a team would never be shown in the belief to stay, rather in the ability to do it even when nothing goes as it should, when the locker room no longer laughs, when a little everyone thinks, even if only for a moment, that there is not enough courage and desire.

Few points, few victories, many, too many occasions wasted; this is the mirror of a year that is now behind us. Concluded with the most beautiful game, that of victory in Marsico, where everything, public, field and forecasts, was against a peaceful salvation.

Teeth and heart had invoked the coach; teeth and heart had, in the demonstration of a gratitude perhaps a little disguised, but certainly convinced.

Teeth and heart to finish, teeth and heart to start again.


AS Caira Female

Author: Daniela Di PaoloEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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