Monday, January 20 2020
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question mark200The Gordige had just finished maramaldeggiare against the Milan team (a round four to zero equal to a training against a young and inexperienced team) and with the sweat still on him was reached by telephone communication of victory in the Cesarini area of ​​Olimpia Vignola that in that of Savignano sul Rubicone against Castelvecchio obtained a victory "that was madness to hope" ...
So the distance between Gordige and Olimpia is less than 10 points and according to regulation (CU n.27 of 4.10.2012) both access to play out.
Two romagnole teams resorted to mutual aid each other for sports solidarity or imponderable chance? You will never know.
The fact is that the Group C A2 regarding the relegation will certainly have a tail since the undisputed leader is out of the Milan Inter which in the coming season will participate in the Championship Series Major right. But let's get to the mini play-out tournament.
AC Milan is now relegated, and Sunday 5 may at the Municipal Cavarzere of Via Spalato (the De Rorai is engaged by the male amateur) will then descend the Olimpia di Vignola.
The winner between Gordige and Vignola will breathe a sigh of relief as it saves.
The loser the following Sunday 12 may if he will be against the Villanova trevigiane.
Those who lose will fall straight to the Regional Championships while the winner will have to walk to Santo Padova for the escaped danger.
In the Gordige's house, aware of the delicacy of the moment, we are looking for a recovery of some fundamental pawns that can actually give added value to the formation that will play the part that can be worth the sacrifices of a season.
During the championship the Gordige has put under the Vignola in both races, both at home and outside, but a "dry" of this kind makes history to himself and everyone remembers the determination of the Romagnole species in the race lost in size between the walls girlfriends. And to think that the team of Mr. Babetto is back from three championships disputed at the highest level (2 position, 1 position won just on the edge of wool against Inter, and third position last year behind only one point from South Tirol) was among one of the teams accredited for the high ranking but too many negative concomitanze have reduced the staff and therefore limited the potential.
Work and study deficits others due to serious injuries have forced the company to resort to the full help of the spring team, who with its own elements has in fact punctuated with passion and self-sacrifice the performance of the first team.
The classic crooked vintage in which everything is bad must not discourage the team of Cavarzere, everyone must face a common front to turn the page with more energy and energy .... Giannino strength and courage are all with you ... more ... ...

Force Gordige.


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