On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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The South Tyroleans close the championship at the 2 ° place

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realmeda-sudtirolMeda. The challenge for the second place between Real Meda and CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN ends up with a draw for 1-1 and so South Tyrol finishes in second place, the second year in a row.
The CFS includes the young Brunello Greta in central defense with Righi, the two external Ferrari and Settecasi. in midfield misses Faes unavailable and comes back from the Santa. In attack from forfait at the last Pasqualini that does not make it and in its place plays Brotto with Tonelli. First half, finished 0-0, played by both formations under a heavy rain and a heavy field that has favored more the Meda lombarde that physically were definitely more tough. The Meda has more in the hands of the game in the first half, even if the attacks of CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN are always dangerous. Opportunity to score fairly bland for both formations in the first half. The Meda becomes dangerous at 25 'with a great shot by Trezzi that Valzolgher deflects in the corner. Responds to the 39 'Dalla Santa, however, who shoots the ball very high. The real "occasionissima" however happens on the feet of the dangerous tip of Meda Trezzi that is released in the area and fails the goal of very little. The first half ends therefore 0-0. In the second half the coach of CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN, Alberti, debuts the twin of Greta, Martina Brunello who takes the place of Stefania Dallagiacoma. Three minutes pass and Tonelli, served on the offside with a beautiful assist by Giordana Torsani, marks the provisional 0-1 for the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN. Pass 12 minutes and the Meda is the draw with the excellent Moselli that deftly beats Valzolgher. The Meda even manages to score again, but the Referee cancels out for offspring millimeter by the Trezzi. The game continues to play a lot in midfield and the teams, also because of the heaviness of the field, are stretched and there are often reversals in front. The best chance happens at the 85 'allla n.10 el Meda Pozzi after a shot of Trezzi, but Irene Ferrari performs the miracle and saves on the goal line now beaten. Last chance for Moselli all'86 'who errs by kicking to the side of very little.
Great performance of Desiree staves that commands the defense in an exceptional way freeing in all ways the balls that arrive in the area. However, the whole team has played and played a game with a real heart, taking home a deserved second place in the final standings.
Now the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN will be present at the Bolzano Leisure Fair with a Stand from 25 to 28 April, and then Saturday 4 May, the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN organizes the 1. GIRLS SOCCER DAY in Piazza Tribunale in Bolzano, the first South Tyrolean women's football festival.

Real Meda: April, Seveso, Cigghio, Confalonieri, Vergani, Massera, Somaschini (77 'Scrugli), Fusi, Moselli, Pozzi, Trezzi (Stefanello, Roncucci, Gramolelli, Dubini, Ragone, Scrugli, Ghezzi) All Zaninello

CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN: Valzolgher, Ferrari, Settecasi, Menegoni, Righi, Brunello Greta, Torresani (77 'De Luca), Dallagiacoma (46' Brunello Martina) Pasqualini, Tonelli, Dalla Santa (66 'Sarnataro), (Caser, De Luca, Brotto, Bon, Broili, Sarnataro, Brunello Ma.) All. Alberti

Referee: Mr. Fumagalli of Cremona (Ass.1: Barchi Sara of Milan, Ass.2 Maltese Marzia of Milan)

Networks: 48 'Tonelli (CFS), 60' Moselli (MEDA)

Notes: the Under 17 national selector Enrico Sbardella is in the stands

Ammonite: Menegoni (CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN) for foul play
Expelled: 75 'Massera (REAL MEDA) for sum of admonitions

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