Wednesday, August 21 2019
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Mark-to-valentina2FALZE 'DI PIAVE (Treviso) - It ends with a goalless draw in the lair of Villanova the season of San Zaccaria, which ended the year at 51 points and 21 consecutive profit results (15 wins and 6 draws). With the second place already assured, the biancorosse of Mr. Leandri grappling with several absences, have faced an adversary hungry to save points to engage the playouts. Difficult field and monotonous race, played mainly in midfield. At the 12 'an indecision between Belgrade and a team-mate favors Silvia Locatell, who pulls at the door unguarded finding the providential rescue on the line of a defender. At the 25 'attempt by Sara Sintini high, then the best opportunity of the match: on the corner the ball arrives to Donata Pancaldi who pulls a sure shot and hits a sensational cross of the poles, on the left the left of Valentina Di Marco is parried on the ground by the goalkeeper (32 '). The landlords are seen with an incursion of Foltran in the area, his low shot is rejected by Sonia Meletti low (36 '). The second half is combined with the territorial supremacy of San Zaccaria: at the 5 'a palomella from the edge of Locatelli touches the crossbar. At 21 'a strong diagonal of Lucca ends high; two minutes later the Ravenna will meet with Sara Fratini who, after a good position from a personal position, kicks off the net. Locatelli tries again but his shot from the edge ends high, while in the last quarter of an hour on a pair of dangerous crosses from the bottom of Valentina Di Marco (in the picture) the red and white strikers do not impact the ball and opportunities fade away. . Before the final whistle there is room for the season debut in the first team of the two young players of the Primavera training: striker Francesca Calia (class '96) and midfielder Sofia Muccioli (class' 94).

VILLANOVA: Belgrade, Donadel, Salamon, Collet (85 'Merotto), Casagrande, Rizzetto (60' Tomaselli), Foltran, Pillon, Furlan, Angioletti, Pezzutti (46 'Lucca). A disp .: Bisol, Lorenzon, Paoletti, Nardi. All. Cerrato.
S. ZACCARIA: Meletti, Cavalcoli, Piolanti, Montalti, Wife (86 'Muccioli), Pancaldi, Di Marco S., Sintini (63' Fratini), Locatelli (81 'Calia), Canini, Di Marco V. A disp .: De Ronzo, Omicini, Matrone. All. Leandri.
NOTES: ammoniti Collet.

Ivan Zannoni

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