Wednesday, August 21 2019
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Cuneo - Sarzanese

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Female wedge - Sarzanese 6-0 GiraudoL

The female wedge closes the national championship series A2 with a bombastic victory that leaves no room for doubt; victory was to be and victory with a capital V was. A good part of the first half, saw the two teams face each other in midfield, not to take unnecessary risks, given that for the Cuneo a negative result, it could have cost dear. The red and white, aware of having come now never to the last beach, are concentrated and very determined games with the intent to close every gap. At the 38 'Cuneo went ahead following an incursion by Cobelli that calibrates the winning cross for the bomber Alessia De Paoli who scores the goal with a precise shot. In the second half, in a matter of minutes, Elisa Cerato closes the games with two prowess, the first on the developments of a corner kick by Zucconelli, the left explodes under the intersection, and immediately afterwards, with a delightful touch of exterior , overcomes the innocent Over again. The Sarzanese at this point is on the ropes and breaks down. Among the meshes, important openings are opened and at 15 'Fish invades on the right wing, and from the bottom calibrates a crossbar that Cobelli, in tow, settles at the bottom of the bag. Shortly afterwards, Pesce, vertically for Cerato, still fishing free Cobelli, which realizes the 5 to 0. La Sarzanese seeks the goal of the flag, on a free kick with Beghè but Asteggiano with a shot deflected on the crossbar. All '83' Giraudo, today the best in the field, verticalize for Fish that face to face with During the signing the final 6 to 0.

The comment of the end of the game by President Eva Callipo: "salvation, without going through the play out, was deserved; the value of the team has been seen above all in the last days. It was however a great satisfaction to stay after four years in such a demanding and competitive category. During this time, we have grown both as a company and as a player. I want to thank the two technicians Ermanno Cerato and Claudio Librandi, for the delicate work done in recent weeks where every little mistake could have been fatal. We hope to continue this way, one of our goals is to make the youth sector grow above all, the pride of this company. In collaboration with the Cuneo football 1905, it has recently begun the activity in the middle schools of Cuneo, to promote sport and bring young people to the two teams of the capital. For the women's Cuneo, the project has been entrusted to the proven experience of Aldo Borgna, which certainly does not need any public presentation, given its reputation in the soccer sector of Cuneo. "

La Scalese, with today's victory, wins the championship and gets the promotion in Serie A; in the queue, Spezia and Matuziana Sanremo retreat directly into the series C, while, to know the third relegated, it will be necessary to wait for the outcome of the play out that Sarzanese and Villacidro will play the next 5 May.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Cobelli, Zucconelli (23 'St. Serban), Giraudo, Trivè (41' St. Magnarini), Naso, De Paoli, Pesce, Cerato. Available: Turano, Librandi. All Cerato

Sarzanese: During, Ghisolfi, Sacco (25 'st.Milanta), Savino (19' St Bonati), Suardi, Iacopini, Bertoloni (12 'St. Bernardi), Alberti, Beghè, Pascotto, Putti. Available: Iemma, Arca. All. Of Memmo

Referee: Sonetti (Genoa)

Ammonites: Sacco (S)

Markers: 38 'De Paoli, 47' 49 'Cerato, 60' 70 'Cobelli, 83' Fish

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Luisa Giraudo

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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