On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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orobica-franciacortaAfter a fast that lasted from the match against Brixen, the Orobica returns to victory against a willing and determined Franciacorta who was looking for the necessary points in the Bergamo area to avoid the playouts. With a training full of ailments and in an unfavorable moment, the team from Bergamo, playing a non-exciting but tough match, managed to win a match in the second half that had seen her in the first fraction suffering the guests. In fact at the beginning of the meeting two contracted formations are faced that do not want to discover themselves and wait for the adversary error. It is immediately good for the landlords at 4 'when Previtali with a great shot from the limit sign the 1 0. The advantage, however, does not last long because the Franciacorta equalized XNXX 'thanks to a dirty shot by Gaspari from the edge of the small area.
The Orobica suffers the blow and can no longer baste good game actions while the guests are to turn more the ball and get more enterprising. In fact, after a conclusion by Pandolfi parade from Ventura to 12 ', the guests have a good chance at the 29' with the same Pandolfi that kicks plenty to the side at the penalty spot. After a good raid at the 35 'Gaspari stopped by the defense Bergamo, two minutes later responds Peccina on the edge of the offside is released at the edge of the area but can not find the door. The last action of the first half is Vezzoli who, on a cross from Peccina, gets the shot rejected. The second half begins with a punishment from Brescia 6 'ended high, followed by the 7' a favorable situation for the Bergamo with Gritti but he can not kick to the door in the penalty area. At the 15 'Franciacorta has a great opportunity for the lead but the attempt from the edge of Gaspari ends in a row. The turn of the game falls to the 25 'when Brevi on corner of Peccina marks the 2 to 1 in acrobatics. Two minutes later the 3 could arrive at 1 thanks to the new entry Tihsler but his close range catches only the outside of the net. Still Tihsler protagonist at 32 'with a drunken descent on the left, cross to the center and Peccina arrives late for a breath at the appointment with the third goal. At 37 'a cross of the usual Gaspari does not find any companion ready to shoot. The 3 1 reaches the 39 'with Tihsler who takes advantage of an incorrect disengagement of the defense of Brescia and beats the goalkeeper from the spot. At the 41 'Vezzoli launched the net devours the fourth goal kicking on the extreme defender. However the 4 1 is by Peccina in the recovery minutes on assists of the unleashed Tihsler. So the Orobica with this victory captures the double objective ie to avoid the playouts and regain the fourth place with the concomitant defeat of the Brixen with the Meda. Next Sunday the final act of the 2012 / 13 championship in Veneto against Real Bardolino.
VENTURA (P) - 6,5 vote: does not touch the ball in the second half and suffers a goal more for the defense inattentiveness than for his own responsibility. Idle.
POET (D) - 6,5 rating: resists in the field after a good performance despite the injury occorsole in the last 20 minutes. COURAGEOUS.
BRASI (D) - 6,5 rating: excellent closure and defensive phase practically impeccable despite the imperfect physical state. CAREFUL.
RIMONDI (D) - 7 rating: fourth consecutive performance that sees it definitely in technical-tactical growth. CONFIRMATION.
VALENTE (C) - 6,5 rating: good recoveries and dynamism to sell. COMMITTED.
VEZZOLI (C) - 7 vote: forgiven for a wrong goal considering the commendable commitment. CHARGE.
TIBURZIO (C) from 7 'st - 6,5 rating: a bit far from the action, however, manages to contain and allow some good re-start with Rizzo and Previtali. SUFFERING.
PREVITALI (C) - 7 rating: has the merit of unlocking the result with a great shot on the fly. Substantial.
GRITTI (A) - Vote 6,5: uncomfortable in the first half in a secluded position does not affect even as a tip. Clumsy.
VAVASSORI (A) - 7 vote: does a great job by canceling the opposing band and is sacrificed to make room for a central midfielder. IMPORTANT.
PECCINA (A) - Vote 7,5: found the position fight with determination in the first half and exalted in the second also marking the 4-1. CONVINCED.
BREVI (D) - 7,5 rating: solid in the phase of coverage raises a wall in front of Ventura and Brasi signing the momentary 2-1. Statuary.
TIHSLER from the 25 'of st (A) - 8 rating: enters, distorts the race, scores and scores even if not in perfect shape. IMPORTANT.
RIZZO from the 40 'of the pt - 8 vote: play in fluency finding immediately adequate time and space, making use both in the construction phase and, above all, in defensive collapses showing great growth. TOSTA.
OROBICA CF - Ventura, Rimondi, Poeta, Valente (from 3 'st Tiburzio), Brevi, Vezzoli, Previtali, Brasi, Gritti (from 25' st Tihsler), Peccina, Vavassori (from 42 'st Rizzo). All. Marianna Marini.
FRANCIACORTA - Belotti, Pelizzari, Fenaroli (from 13 'st Picchi), Ghilardi, Gervasi, Brocchetti, Gaspari, Sandrini, Pandolfi (from 18' st Colombi), Barcella, Cappellini (from 28 'st Ravasio). All. Giovanni Brusa. Referee: Giacomo Dall'Oco of Finale Emilia. Assistants: Alessio Briguglio of Brescia and Matteo Besozzi of Crema.
4 'pt Previtali (O), 8' pt Gaspari (F), 25 'st Brevi (O), 39' st Tihsler (O), 46 'st Peccina (O).

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