Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Real Arenzano - Femm. Sunrise

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Against the top of the class the Feminine Alba does not disfigure at all, on balance Dogliani and companions can also regret not being able to return home from the Ligurian coast with a victory that, for express game, it would not have been a scandal. Not at all intimidated by the position in the standings and by the many absences the albesi take to the field concentrated, a sign of a maturity that is shaping day after day and, surprising the landlords, soon take possession of the pitch. At the 15 ° the Feminine Alba takes the lead with the usual Mascarello who, in melee, harpoons a wandering ball and throws the 1-0 into the net from a few steps. Throughout the first half hour the local can not get out of their own half with the langarole close to doubling on several occasions, especially with the Pisano and Luciano then, at the end of time, the Real Arenzano tries to raise his head, but the midfield guest opposes an excellent resistance, cutting off the Ligurian initiatives in the bud. The recovery opens after 5 minutes with the dubious expulsion of Bevilacqua for double warning; Mr. Dilej is thus forced to redesign the defense by removing Mascarello and, in numerical superiority, Real Arenzano can finally weigh its strength. However, the albesi do not lose heart and defend themselves with order, rather tolerating the local pressure; The Real sends a couple of unanswered telegrams to Cazzato but it is always the Albese to go close to the goal, especially at 65 ° when the Pisano, alone in front of the goalkeeper, is hypnotized by the extreme local defender who repels the ball of the possible doubling. In the last 10 minutes the Real Arenzano further accelerates the pace of play and, thanks also to a logical physical decline, forces the guests in their three quarters finding first a resounding stake to the 83 ° and then the draw net to 87 °, subsequent to a pious defeat of the biancazzurra defense.

The 1-1 final, however, fully satisfies Mr. Dilej at the end of the race: "With a little 'more luck and shrewdness we could achieve a great victory but a draw on this field is excellent, especially considering the beautiful test expressed by the girls came down field. I am particularly pleased to see the attitude held throughout the race, a sign that the team is starting to think about training in the category ".

Female Alba: Cazzato, Ballocco, Bevilacqua, Gallo, Dogliani, Massa, Casetta, Vaschetto, Mascarello (Mohammadi), Pisano, Luciano. Available to Dilej: Rizzo, Bussi, Bozzoli. Coach: Dilej.

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Francesca Ballocco

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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