Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Cuneo - Femm. Sunrise

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Cuneo San Rocco - Women's Dawn 2-3 LibrandiC

The feminine Alba with Mascarello license, with a full grit and determination, won the Granda derby for 3 nets at 2. The girls of Mr. Dilej with the mathematical salvation in his pocket, have played a careful game attacking with grit each ball, and then hit in a ruthless way with the young bomber Mascarello, author of a hat-trick. At home in Cuneo, the situation in the standings is getting heavy and in the field the apprehension for the delicate position is seen throughout. The team lacks clarity, and despite the efforts of the girls, on the pitch there is too much frenzy that does not allow the team to produce effective phrases.

The comment at the end of the match whitewashed president Eva Callipo: "the company has confidence in Mr. Bertoloni, and girls, and believes that this situation is due to too many injuries suffered this season, and some unfavorable episode too. There are still four days left until the end of the championship and at the end with everyone's commitment, I am sure, we will succeed in reaching salvation ".

In the first minutes of the race nothing significant happens, then at the 7 'Mascarello comes from the flag to kick the corner and with a parable to return, surprises Turano, who with a slap, can only touch the ball, but can not prevent it from entering the bag. The goal in cold cuts the wings to the red and white who still undergo an exchange in speed of the former Luciano for Bussi, but this time Turano relaxes and puts to the side; shortly after half an hour, the Cuneo loses ball in attack and Barbara Luciano as a bird of prey fits between the jerseys of the defense and lets start a diagonal that hisses near the pole. The landlords replicate with Alessia De Paoli who from a good position kicks high over the crossbar. At the end of the time Trivè fits through the central streets and tries the conclusion that Cazzato does not hold back and Cerato with a tapin reiterates on the net. In the second half after just 5 'from a' harmless throw-in on three quarters, the Cuneo does not contrast Mascarello who reached the limit, also has the time to aim the far corner and thus achieve the doubling. At the 21 'the same player signs the hat-trick with a conclusion that does not escape Turano; the red and white try to replicate with a cross of Cerato, that Zucconelli alone in front of Cazzato fails to reiterate in the network. Mister Bertoloni changes form by removing a defender for a 'striker and the half hour is rewarded by the goal of Michela Pesce, skilled to fit in the penalty area and skip the exit of Cazzato. The Cuneo front-wheel drive still tries to undermine the opponent's goal without succeeding in order to grab the draw. Next Sunday the women's Cuneo will play away in Tuscany in search of a useful result against Castefranco.

Cuneo: Turano, Armitano, Vallauri (29 'st. Sordello), Naso, Zucconelli, Trivè, Librandi, Pesce, De Paoli, Pittavino (27' St Minopoli), Cerato. Available: Dutto, Serban, Giraudo, Cobelli. All. Bertoloni

Sunrise: Cazzato, Ballocco, Dogliani, Rizzo, Casetta, Gallo, Ravine, Luciano (38 'st.Pisano), Massa, Mascarello, Bussi (12' st.Vaschetto). Available: Belli, Casetta, Bossi, Manassero. All. Dilej

Referee: Spolaore (Turin)

Ammonites: 88 'Nose

Markers: 7 '- 50' - 66 'Mascarello (A), 45' Cerato (C), 76 'Fish (C)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Carola Librandi

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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