Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Cuneo - Femm. Sunrise

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CUNEO-FEMALE ALBA 2-3 Mascarello

The Feminine Alba continues in its beautiful season and, to the victories already achieved so far, adds the icing on the cake of the Granda derby, conquered at the end of a tough game that in the end saw Ravine and her companions prevailing quite deservedly enough. There are many prominent absences on one side and on the other but, at the starting whistle, the girls on the pitch with their commitment rightly push this detail into the background; the Feminine Alba starts a little more decisively and at the 3 ° it already goes ahead: the Mascarello kicks a dish to return directly from the corner, the local goalkeeper doesn't get there and the 0-1 is served. The lightning network inevitably directs the inertia of the race towards the guests, who can thus manage the game as they see fit. The Cuneo is a live staple and bases a very proud reaction, which however often results in chaotic initiatives and without appreciable outlets. At the end of time, however, the locals draw, exploiting an indecision by the Cazzato who lets out an apparently innocuous ball, giving the green light to the Cuneo 1-1. In the second half the Feminine Alba is more concrete and at the 55 ° she is back in the lead again with Mascarello who, from the edge of the area and in fall, manages to cross on an assist from Massa and pass the goalkeeper for the 1-2; this time the blow to the premises is more intense and so the Langhe can sink the blows and thus reach the 3-1 in their favor at the 72 °, not even doing it on purpose again with the unleashed Mascarello, which this time makes half the pitch by alone before reaching the edge of the area and throwing an unattainable ball under the crossbar. On the double disadvantage the Cuneoers attack the boarding, the Albese could sink a couple of counter-attacks better but at 85 ° it is the red and white of the house to mark the 2-3, taking advantage of a melee following a confused action in the area Alba. In the final the local generosity is moving, but the host fort does not yield anymore and so Mr. Dilej can bring home a prestigious victory, in addition to three important points for the ranking.

“We are mathematically safe - the Albanian coach is shielded at the end of the race - we hit the first and most important goal of the season; now the next matches will be useful to understand if we can get some more satisfaction. Today's victory I would like to underline Mascarello's triple, which is true that he speaks for himself, but I must remember that the girl is the youngest of the brood and therefore also bodes well for the future of the company ".

Female Alba: Cazzato, Dogliani, Gallo, Ballocco, Rizzo, Massa, Casetta, Ravna, Bussi (55 ° Vaschetto), Mascarello, Luciano (80 ° Pisano). Available to Dilej: Belli, Bozzoli, Gavarino.

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Marta Mascarello author of the triplet

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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