Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Matuziana Sanremo - Cuneo

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Matuziana Sanremo - Cuneo San Rocco 2-0 waxed

Sunday to be forgotten for the girls of the female Cuneo, who against the Matuziana Sanremo, remedies two "pappine" from the former. Valentina Sechi & companions. In summary, the meeting could be called "all in one Sunday", but it would be wrong; to attribute the defeat, to the negative episodes that have occurred, from the expulsion to other arbitration evaluations that do not match up. The truth is that the girls of Mr. Bertoloni, have never entered the game, while the matuziane, showed in the arc of 90 ', to "be hungry" of precious points, and eventually were rewarded. The first half hour of play, runs without jolts, and sees both formations compare to midfield; the first acute comes with Curioso who steals the ball on three quarters, and serves on the run De Paoli, but the bomber, come face to face with Pulitanò, download a right that the extreme defender intercepts foot. In the second half, the coach Cuneo, throws in the fray the young Fish instead of Cerato, struggling with muscle problems, but at a tactical level, nothing changes. At the 12 'home formation, take advantage of a punishment that the specialist Papaleo kicks well, but the ball breaks on the intersection of the poles. The Cuneo responds with a nice Fish / Curious action that Testa turns to the net, but the aim is not great and is lost at the bottom. At the 20 'Cobelli remedy the second caution of the day, however with a' intervention on the ball, and so the Cuneo is found to play the rest of the meeting, in 10. At 35 'the duo Papaleo / Romeo packs a ball in the penalty area for Musizzano, in a position of doubt offside, with a low shot Asteggiano. The Cuneo despite the numerical inferiority, tries to straighten the fate of the meeting, and the 41 'Fish would have the opportunity to grab the draw, but the conclusion is to be forgotten. In full recovery, a cross from the left is deflected with the elbow by Naso and the race director, once again adopts the maximum provision by decreeing the penalty kick. Papaleo presents himself on the disk, which coldly makes the final 2 at 0. In the league the summit challenge between Scalese and Real Arenzano ends with the Tuscan victory for 3 in 0, while Alessandria outperforms Molassana Boero. Castelfranco passes to Alba with the result of 2 to 1, while Spezia - Sarzanese ends in 2 parity with 2; finally the Sardinian derby, between Oristano and Villacidro, ends in favor of the landlord for 2 at 0. The championship will observe next Sunday a round of rest, but the women's Cuneo will play at the Youth Park, the recovery of the second day of return not disputed the 20 last January for the adverse weather conditions against Molassana Boero. Will this be the chance to redeem this lackluster performance?

Matuziana Sanremo: Pulitanò, Capponi, Favalli, Romeo, Vicari, Valentini, Musizzano (49 'st.Famà), Marchisio, De Caroppo (10' St. Papaleo), Zunino (38 'st.Allegri), Sechi. Available: Smojver, Ferrea, Lattuada. All. Olivieri

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Picco (6 'St. Serban), Naso, Zucconelli, Trivè, Cobelli, Testa, De Paoli, Curious (41' St Pittavino), Cerato (4 'St. Pesce). Available: Turano, Minopoli. All. Bertoloni

Referee: Scarpa (Collegno)

Ammonites: 16 'pt.Naso (C), 40' pt. Peak (C), 36 'Papaleo (M), 37' st. Musizzano (M),)

Expelled: Cobelli (C)

Scanners: 80 'Musizzano (M), 95' Papaleo (Rig.) (M)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Elisa Cerato

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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