Thursday, May 21 2015
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Femm. Alba - Scalese

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Internal defeat for the Women's Dawn that, in front of a very armored Scalese, has it all but in the end must succumb to the excessive power of the third class, certainly the best training seen so far in Alba and serious pretender to jump category. In the Alba home, to the difficulty already inherent in the match, are added the heavy forfait of Cattaneo, Sacco, Mohammadi and Zabellan, which force Mr. Dilej to change a lot to field the eleven owner. The match immediately begins at very high rhythms, frequent changes of front that produce a first quarter of high tension, but with few opportunities on one side and the other. The Femminile Alba holds the field very well and at the 25 ° takes the lead thanks to a prowess of Luciano that, served by a launch of the Pisano, gets rid of the direct marker, enters the area and with a touch of precision makes the 1-0 . The same Luciano three minutes later grazes the encore on an almost photocopy, but this time the shot is lost very little to the side. After the scare for the possible double passive, the Scalese slowly takes the reins of the game and at the end of the time comes to balance, exploiting an imprecision of the Vaschetto that frees the striker in front of the Cazzato. The recovery sees the Scalese increasingly mistress of the field, the Alba still resists twenty minutes but then has to give way to the physical and athletic domination of the Tuscans; at 65 ° the guests go to the 2-1 using a launch from the back and a great personal action ended on the net behind the blameless Cazzato. The network suffered unfortunately does not have the power to provoke a local reaction, the Alba now no longer has and therefore the guests have an easy game in leading the race, confining themselves to control with wisdom and effectiveness the last stages of the game. At the 91 °, on another personal action the guests go on the definitive 3-1 that closes the race.

Seraphic at the end of the race the comment of Mr. Dilej: "We played against a team momentarily out of our reach, I can not reproach absolutely nothing to the girls took to the field, against today's Scalese today's Dawn could not do anything more . I liked having kept up with the opponents for almost an hour, but the difference on the physical level was really remarkable and in fact we paid above all in the final ".

Among the positive notes of the day is the re-entry into the field of Bozzoli, who debuted in the A2 series championship after the long knee injury in the last race of last season.

Female Alba: Cazzato, Bevilacqua, Gallo (Dogliani), Rizzo, Ballocco, Massa, Vaschetto, Bussi (Ravina), Mascarello (Bozzoli), Pisano, Luciano. Available to Dilej: Manassero

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Barbara Luciano

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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