Monday, May 11 2015
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Sarzanese - Cuneo

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cobelli1 Sarzanese - Cuneo Women's 1-0

On the playing field of Sarzanese, Cuneo closes the first round with an unexpected defeat. The girls of Bertoloni, stumble on the nth day no, and suffer the third seasonal defeat, although it must be recognized that in the first leg, only Scalese and Real Arenzano, have been able to make full booty against the red and white. In the meeting against Sarzanese, Cuneo has created several goal balls, but, the skill of Durante, determinant on several occasions, and the lack of coldness on goal, has made the inviolable opponent. Already at 1 'Zucconelli, sends Trivè in the right passage, but the weak conclusion is easy prey of the opposing goalkeeper; the landlord answers with Di Lupo, who wedges to the left, face to face with Turano, but the extreme defender with a brave exit can reply. Shortly before half an hour, the Cuneo wrap another ghiotta occasion with the duo Cobelli De Paoli, but the cross of the latter, crosses the whole area of ​​rigor without anyone being able to push the ball at the bottom of the bag. In the final minutes of the time, a red and white restart, sends Cerato face to face with Durante, but once again the extreme defender manages to deflect in the corner. In the second half the Sarzanese, takes the field with greater conviction, and more easily controls the match, then to the 15 'a defensive error Cuneo, is exploited properly by Maciaszeczyk that puts Turano from close range. Shortly thereafter, Librandi launched by De Paoli to the goal, landed in the penalty area; the captain Vallauri appears on the spot, allowing himself to be hypnotized by Durante, and kicking out. At this point skip all the patterns, and Cuneo tries to straighten a badly born game, but at the same time he exposes himself to the opposing starts and risks the knockout several times. In the final, a cross from Pesce is turned to net by De Paoli, but also this time, Durante instinctively, manages to put in the corner. On the developments of the joke, De Paoli shoots without fail, but this time it is the crossbar that denies him the joy of the goal. In the final minutes, a violent conclusion hits the same player, who must leave the pitch prematurely and resort to health care of the local hospital, where fortunately, only a strong bruise is diagnosed. After 3 'recovery, the race director, sends everyone in the shower, and for the vanished so the hope of reaching a draw that ultimately deserved. The A2 series championship will now observe a break for the Christmas holidays, and the resumption, scheduled for 13 January 2013, will see the guests of La Spezia.

Sarzanese: During, Savino, Sacco (10 'St. Ghisolfi), Suardi, Bonatti, Putti, Pascotto, Alberti, Di Lupo (33' St. Gori), Maciaszeczyk, Fontana (1 'St. Beghè). Available: Iemma, Ottimo. All. Of Memmo

Cuneo: Turano, Armitano, Vallauri, Naso, Zucconelli, Cobelli, Librandi, Trivè, De Paoli, Curious, Cerato (2 'St. Pesce). Available: Asteggiano, Testa, Pittavino, Serban. All. Bertoloni

Referee: Sonetti (Genoa)

Markers: 15 'st. Maciaszeczy

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Alessia Cobelli

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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