June 11, 2015
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Villacidro - Cuneo

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Villacidro - Cuneo 2-2 Zucco

An ugly Cuneo Women's Soccer throws to the wind in that of Villacidro a victory virtually in his pocket, the Cuneo, in fact, at 55 'were ahead for 2-0 and were made reach by the landlords remained in ten for the expulsion hand ball by defender Brundu. The brilliant and determined formation seen last Sunday against Castelfranco is just a distant memory, in Villacidro we saw a team without personality and not able to impose their game against the Sardines appeared not so irresistible. Absent Naso, in his place calls into question Serban, author of a good test and with Asteggiano between the posts, Bertoloni repeats the formation of last week. In the first minutes are the sardines to worry about the door defense from Asteggiano, then after two occasions signed Cerato, the first ends on the goalie on assist of De Paoli, while the second is deflected in corner by Mulas, the red and white take the lead with a palombella of Zucconelli who mocks the extreme home defender (21 '). The goal does not give that great vitality to Cuneo that only in the final is seen with a conclusion of Vallauri rejected in the corner. In the second half start the red and white immediately and 56 'come to double on a penalty kick decreed by a handball Brandu (expelled). Captain Vallauri comes from the spot, cold Mulas. The game changes literally face, Vallauri and companions are put under the sardines that desperately trying to reopen the match and eventually succeed. Within two minutes, Villacidro first reduces the distance with Atzori (66 ') and then draws the score with Panzali, whose carambola shot on the crossbar and ends beyond the goal line (71'). The goals galvanize the landlords who try to put in place the coup, Fish took over at the beginning of the second half instead of Trivè creates a bit 'of havoc in the Sardinian defense, but the Cuneo are unable to sting that much. And the final whistle is Villacidro to celebrate an unexpected equal, while the Cuneo must recite the mea culpa for the ghiotta missed opportunity.

Disappointment and bitterness in the Cuneo area: "A step back from the brilliant test last Sunday against Castelfranco, where he had missed only the goal - said the president Eva Callipo - the team has shown little personality and character. It is unthinkable to throw a game to the wind, after leading two goals, but above all in numerical superiority. This week we will analyze this false step thoroughly and clarify things, to avoid making the same mistakes again ".

Sunday big match in Cuneo, at the Synthetic Field of the Youth Park comes the leaders, Alexandria, now lonely after the victorious challenge against Scalese (2-1).

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Serba, Zucconelli, Corbelli, Librandi, Trivè (47 'Fish), De Paoli, Curious, Cerato. Available: Pittavino, Picco. Coach: Bertoloni

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Daniela Zucconelli

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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