Sunday, November 17 2019
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Villacidro - Femm. Sunrise

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The first trip of the season in the land of Sardinia ends with a clear and beautiful victory for the girls of Dilej, who return to success after two losses and a draw; the match, which in the immediate eve was feared mainly due to logistical difficulties, instead resolves with a convincing performance, which has left no way out to the landlords.

The Albese start right away and right from the start puts the opponents in difficulty, with fast and precise phrases that often cut out the local midfield; Villacidrese tries to hold the bump, but the good vein of the offensive trio Luciano-Sacco-Cattaneo immediately puts in crisis the Sardinian defense. After half an hour of vain attempts, the Women's Dawn made the decisive break in the final of time: the 33 ° deservedly took the lead thanks to Pisano who, on the development of a lineout, surprised the local goalkeeper with a shot without big pretensions which however gets on the net; at the 40 ° the doubling comes, thanks to a speed action built by Pisano and Luciano, with the Sacco finalizing in goal alone in front of the extreme defender. At the end comes the 3-0, also packed this by a nice triangulation and concluded in goal again by the highly effective Pisano. The recovery opens under a violent downpour, which in a short time makes the playing field to the limits of practicability: guests have easy play in controlling the race, also counting on the distrust of sardines that, dazed by the passive, rarely manage to appear in Langhe area. In the last 20 minutes the albesi could boost their booty with the Cattaneo in a couple of counter-attacks, but in the first circumstance the eclectic striker is blatantly face to face with the goalkeeper, in the second circumstance it is instead the 1 number of the house to avoid a goal that seemed already done. In the final there is glory also for the Cazzato, able to avoid the flag network at Villacidrese.

At the end of the race the Drocco team manager was satisfied: "It was a good race for us, prepared with care and conducted with equal clarity on a difficult field. Satisfactory and well-deserved victory, we come back home certainly happy ".

Female Alba: Cazzato, Massa, Bevilacqua, Ballocco, Gallo, Vaschetto, Ravina (Casetta), Pisano, Cattaneo, Luciano (Mascarello), Sacco (Zabellan). Available to Dilej: Bussi, Manassero, Dogliani, Rizzo.

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Silvia Pisano

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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