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Femm. Alba - Cuneo

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The first historic Granda derby in the A2 series (the province of Cuneo is the only one in Italy to have two formations at these levels of women's football) ends with a draw all in all right, which we think the end satisfied both the coaches, both for the game both for the development that took the result during the race. The Femminile Alba, still fresh of the defeat for 1-4 suffered with her cousins ​​in the Italian Cup in September, decides to immediately attack the game and the 5 ° immediately leads with Cattaneo, good to exploit undisturbed plate a scheme to corner, with assist of the head of the Ravine. The sudden network does not extinguish the fervor of the premises, which force the most popular opponents in their half at least half an hour, with other good opportunities for Mascarello to 15 ° (excellent rejected out of the Asteggiano) and two crosses caught respectively from Zabellan and Ravina. After the 30 ° the Cuneo Femminile, surprised by the start of the Langhe, comes out of its shell and begins to be seen in the Alba area, with the decisive Cazzato at 38 ° on a subsequent corner kick. At the 45 °, at the end, a doubtful intervention of the Rooster at the edge of the area is punished with a free kick, on the ball presents the Curious who, with a perfect trajectory, guesses the "seven" and realizes the 1-1. In the second half the most popular guests take the field more, often forcing the albesi on the defensive but Bevilacqua and companions do not run great risks, even if the Cuneo could make better at least a couple of favorable situations with numerical superiority in attack. The premises, however, well deployed by Dilej and always in the ball, therefore contain the best guest reaction and right at the 90 ° could hit the big shot when the Pisano, in solitary action, is directed towards the host area but is just stretched out out of the same, with consequent expulsion of the Armitano; the logic punishment, however, is not exploited at best by Luciano and the game ends so 1-1. However satisfied Mr. Dilej at the end of the race "We played a good game against an excellent formation, certainly destined to occupy important positions in the final classification of the championship; we still lack experience in certain circumstances at these levels, but our awareness grows steadily race after race and I am convinced that in the remainder of the tournament we could take away some other satisfaction like that of this race, whose point obtained in the field is deserved and certainly to do not despise ".

Female Alba: Cazzato, Ballocco, Mohammadi (Dogliani), Gallo, Bevilacqua, Ravine, Pisano, Luciano, Cattaneo, Zabellan, (Vaschetto), Mascarello (Sacco). Available to Dilej: Belli, Casetta, Bussi, Manassero.

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Simona Cazzato

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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