Saturday, November 16 2019
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Alba - Oristano

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A more than convincing debut for the girls of Dilej who do not suffer the excitement any more and regulate Atletico Oristano with a clear 2-0. The importance of the cadet series is also clear from the small details: the Female Alba plays at the "Augusto Manzo" of San Cassiano, "evicting" for a Sunday the male Albese who must therefore migrate to the historic "Coppino"; on the other hand the team looks compact and immediately starts off on the right foot, so much so that at the 6 ° the Italians take the lead with Pisano, quick to retaliate on the net a short rejected of the Polito on Luciano's great shot. The rapid advantage allows the landlords to play fluently and a few minutes later the Cattaneo goes close to doubling, failing just a tap-in on the Sacco's assist. Atletico Oristano starts to come out of its shell around the 25 °, but it is still the Albese to become dangerous with a crossbar still centered by Cattaneo. In the end of time the guests are more maneuverable, but the Cazzato must never commit too much.

In the second half the sardines start strong and in the first minutes they become threatening in a couple of occasions, with crossbows that are well controlled by the defense; it is however a flash in the pan because, after a few surgical reminders by Dilej, the Italians return to dominate the possession of the ball, with rapid and precise phrases that over time put the opponents on the ropes. At the 60 ° the doubling comes, and it is the result of an excellent choral action: the Vaschetto conquers by force a ball on three quarters, it serves the very rapid Cattaneo on the edge of the area which, of first intention, dissociates the Luciano: quest last one checks and, after a dry dribble, unloads an impregnable low shot for the 2-0. At the 66 ° the Cattaneo is stopped for a corner after having sown panic in one of its characteristic percussion, at the 73 ° an insidious Pisano cross shot comes out a little high then, at the 77 °, the Luciano with a great pitch lights up the Sacco, but on the fly it pulls high on the crossbar. A minute later the furious Pisano shoots high in split from two steps but the definitive legitimacy of the victory arrives at the 86 ° when Pisano always hits a striking cross on a free kick. The only insidious action of Atletico arrives at the 88 °, but the Cazzato is careful and out of the area induces the Schiavon to the error, which pulls to the side.

Radiant at the end of the race the team manager Drocco "It was a great debut, despite the numerous injuries (Zabellan and Bozzoli above all, ed) the team has behaved very well. We say that we could not have started better, but we have no illusions and we are already projected on the next game ".

In series D second success for the young Albese who, on the field of the Philadelphia Moncalieri, win for 3-2 after having been under 2-0. The goals of the comeback are signed by Ressia (double) and Giampaolo.

Female Alba: Cazzato, Ballocco, Dogliani, Rizzo, Vaschetto (Gallo); Ravina, Pisano, Luciano, Saco (Bussi), Bevilacqua, Cattaneo (Casetta). Available to Dilej: Belli and Gallo.

Atletico Oristano: Polito, Pischedda, Pieri, Lay, Razzoli, Carai, Ambriosio, Arzedi, Agus, Sotgiu, Pinna, Schiavo, Mannoni, Periu, Catgin.

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph, Mister Dilej

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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