Friday, November 15 2019
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ALBA - CUNEO 1 - 4

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librandi and luciano thumb307_Female Alba - Cuneo San Rocco 1-4. Good debut in the Italian Cup for the biancorosse cuneesi who, in the first seasonal derby, beat the Alba for 4 at 1. Match played at discrete rates by both teams but, at this point in the athletic preparation, it was impossible to ask more of the girls. First half balanced in the result even if the ball of the game was in the hands of Cuneo. At the 3 'Cuneo choral action at the end of which, Cerato thunders with a left cross that goes to the left of Cazzato. Alba remains to watch and, shortly after, it is up to De Paoli to go to the shooting but the conclusion is central and the Langhe keeper blocks. At the 24 'the former Luciano, with a free-kick from the distance, surprises Asteggiano that flies away but the conclusion is violent and bends the goalkeeper's hands.
At the 24 'the episode that leaves the Dawn in ten: corner of Curioso, insertion of Cobelli who, headed, directs the ball into the net but Ballocco replaces the goalkeeper and puts it to the side. The race director can do nothing but expel the player and declare the penalty kick. Armitano appears on the disk and sends the ball into the corner to the left of Cazzato and realizes the advantage.
At a handful of minutes from the end of the time, on a corner, Zucconelli still fishes Cobelli but this time the conclusion ends on the side by a whisker. In the second half, Librandi launches De Paoli on the band that, from the bottom, serves a golden ball for the young Pesce who, with two taps, taps the 3-1 with a tapin.
The Dawn accuses the blow and shortly after the trio of wonders De Paoli, Pesce and Cerato packs another ball goal but, this time, it is the post that denies the joy of the goal.
At the 7 'Pisano tries to worry Asano with a diagonal, which is well blocked to the ground by the Cuneo defender. The Cuneo responds with a conclusion by Cerato, who hits the crossbar; at the 39 'Cobelli launched into the net is landed in the penalty area by Rizzo and Mr. Ciuraru can not help but enact the second penalty of the day. Asteggiano beats from the spot but the Langarola colleague does not let herself be intimidated and parries the central conclusion. Shortly afterwards, Librandi serves De Paoli in the right corridor that, with a flicker, jumps the outgoing goalkeeper and realizes the definitive 4 at 1.
Mr. Bertoloni's comment: "Before this match we played only two friendlies and I must say that today I have seen good progress. The girls who arrived this year, with the purchase campaign, are integrating well in the group and improving the game after game. Some agreements with the companions are still missing, but I am convinced that for the first championship we will be ready ".
President Eva Callipo, meanwhile, has formalized the purchase of Samantha Trivè, 36enne midfielder in the last two seasons under the Cit Turin and the Luserna, besides being a protagonist in the five-a-side and with a past in Serie A and B series with Cascine Vica, Milan , Settimo and Real Canavese that, after having been close to the red and white passage in the 2010 / 2011 season, finally arrives in Cuneo.
"I was extremely pleased with Cuneo's interest and I am happy to find myself a former partner with whom I shared so many battles on the playing fields. The A2 series stage is certainly tempting and given my past in A and B represents another experience ".
The next appointment is for Sunday 9 September at Cuneo's youth park which will see the red and white players against Alessandria for the second round of the Italian Cup.
Sunrise: Cazzato, Ballocco, Dogliani, Manassero (10 'st.Rizzo), Vaschetto, Gallo (1' st. Ravina), Pisano, Massa, Sacco, Luciano, Bozzoli (21 'st.Casetta). Coach: Dilej
Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Naso, Zucconelli, Pesce, Cobelli, Curioso (21 'st. Pittavino), De Paoli, Cerato, Librandi. Available: Turano, Picco, Minopoli. Bertoloni All
Referee: Ciuraru (Bra)
Expelled: 27 'st. Ballocco
Booked: Cazzato (A), Rizzo (A), Zucconelli (C), Pesce (C)

Markers: 3 'Cerato (C), 24' Luciano (A), 27 'Armitano (C), Fish (C), De Paoli (C)

Diego Naso

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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