Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Spring-final-national-female-2013As predicted, the final of the national spring championship will once again be between Turin and Florence. A year later, the strongest spring formations are theirs and, Sunday 16 June, they will clash again for the tricolor category. Last year the victory was the prerogative of the bull who managed to overturn the result and beat the violets for 3 to 1.
Making a prediction for this final becomes difficult because both teams have a staff of experience and quality and, certainly, will give life to a balanced and exciting competition, all to be experienced!
The Torino arrives at the final after the success suffered against the Pordenone revelation that sees the final coveted to 5 minutes from the end. The first leg ended with the score of 1 - 1 while Sunday the grenades were able to overcome the Friulane 3 2 with a network in the final that meets the young grenade and leaves a bit of regret at home for the Friulian lack of qualification.
Florence, after having hardly conquered the 2 0 Series, faces Naples in San Marcellino. The Viola set up the best line-up, including Linari and the Neapolitans did not stand the comparison and, despite all the effort, have to give up, in the first half, 5 networks to the greater purple force. The game ends 6 0 for the hosts with the blue satisfied for the good performance expressed in the second half and for having played this final round of the spring championship with all the girls of the spring without tapping the first team. A corporate choice also shared by Pordenone that on its site complains, in fact, a regulation that allows the use of all the players of the first team, entitled, to participate in the spring championship.
And the controversy erupts and the questions arise spontaneous:
Is this regulation right?
Why does not the age to participate in a Serie A championship rise two years from 14 to 16?
Would not it be better to define the spring team's staff before the championship start and not allow the girls from the first team to play in the spring?
And so many other considerations ... that we all put ourselves every day that dissolve between indifference and problems to be solved.
The fact is that with this regulation, in some cases, the girls are called double shifts forcing, disputing two games in two days and in other cases they line up the best only in the final stage, taking the place from those who have always played and perhaps helped to conquer the final phase. In any case, it is urgent a reform and a nice change to the regulation and organization of the final phase of the championship.
Personally, I believe that the development of the spring category is fundamental for the growth of our young people as well as the whole youth sector. A turning point could come, from next season, with the obligation for teams entered in the national championships to present the spring team and youth sectors.
For now, we await the final between the two queen teams in the category.

The final of the National Spring Championship will be held on Sunday 16 June 2013 at 10,00 at the "Sbrighi" sports field in Castiglione di Ravenna (RA), located in Via Turci 33.


The final of the National Juniores Championship will be held on Saturday 15 June 2013 at 15,00 at the "Sbrighi" sports field in Castiglione di Ravenna (RA), located in Via Turci 33.

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