Coluccio: "It was tough, but I see the end of the tunnel"

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coluccio-francesca-turin-2012The grenade defender is about to complete the rehabilitation after the knee operation: "They told me that if all goes well I would have to rejoin the group for the month of November.There were difficult moments, but I had great people by my side"
This year his will be a very delicate role, although he can not yet be in the field to train with his friends Francesca Coluccio will have to encourage them and guide them from out of view the experience in the highest category gained in past years. Experience that will have to put the team at the service to help the younger ones to grow and endure the pressures of the series A. She continues in rehabilitation to the knee after surgery immediately at the end of June: "From the day of the accident, the 20 April, I have not touched a football on the football field yet, it's hard, I admit it, I can not touch the ball it makes me sick, the days do not seem to pass anymore, but from my side there's the maximum determination to return to the field with my companions and then I will continue to work hard ".
The post operation we know is perhaps the hardest time for any athlete. How did you deal with it on a psychological level?
"I was lucky enough to be followed by great people who have always supported me and prepared to face the bad moments, I have never been hid that it would be hard and long, but I went to days when I would have given up, I would have liked say enough because one day everything is all right and the next day you can not do anything, fortunately I was not alone in addressing all this and I have to say thank you to those who have always been close to me ".
Expected recovery times?
"They told me that if I work well at the end of November I could go back to training with the group, I am giving all of myself to succeed and respect the times, I can not wait to enter the field with football boots and help my companions ".
In the meantime, the company has launched the green line project, how did you see your new friends during this week and a half of training?
"Well, they are all very young and I like this project in the end, as the goal of salvation has been set for me and this gives me adrenaline".
Compared to last season, the coach has also changed: from Russo to Nicco.
"In the past years when I was training with the first team I saw him lead the sessions of Giovanissime and Primavera, they told me he is a great coach who did well in the youths, I hope he will repeat and confirm with us".
Let's start on the championship where on the first day the Torio will face the Riviera di Romagna where the former grenade and your great friend Simona Sodini play.
"For me she is a great friend, a very important person, I shudder to think that she will be our adversary, I obviously tiferated Turin, but I hope she does well too".
August 28 2012

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