Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Lettieri: "This is an opportunity that I want to exploit"

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Lettieri foto_CampaciThird day of training for Torino and first stops for Capra and Annalisa Favole. The grenade back: "Once the problems of work have been solved, I have not hesitated for a moment to come back, it will be hard, but we will give battle led by Franco"
The "terrible girls", cheered by news from Japan on the conditions of their captain Michela Franco, have faced the third day of retirement that saw them engaged for the first time in the tactical part and not just the athletic one. First part of the session in which the athletic trainer Casetta was the protagonist, while in the second they climbed into the chair Nicco and Serami who divided the group into two working respectively on the offensive and on the defensive phase. . The first two injured players of the season did not finish: Valentina Capra and Annalisa Favole, both forced to watch their friends in the final small-field match for some small muscular resentments.
At the end of the session the first words of his second life in shell for Jessica Lettieri, left back to the base after six months of inactivity due to work problems.
What environment did you find again after six months?
"A positive environment, there is a lot of serenity within the group, but also a lot of determination in wanting to subvert the forecasts that give us a favor for relegation".
Almost all of your old companions are gone, what team have you found?
"With Franco and Salvai at the World Cup when I entered the locker room the people I knew were counting on the fingers of one hand, but in the field I realized that the girls chosen by the company to start the green line project have great potential, they only need believe in themselves ".
Just with Michela Franco you are the player of movement with more experience, an additional responsibility.
"Michela is a beautiful girl with great qualities, as demonstrated by the fact that she is competing in the World Championship with Under 20, I will try to help her in the best way possible to lead the youngest in the championship. no one hides behind a finger, but we are also aware that every game starts on the 0-0 and the ball is round. "
Happy to be back?
"When I solved the work problems that forced me to leave football at the beginning of the year and I got the call from the company, I did not hesitate to say yes, it's a great opportunity and I want to make the most of it".
At the end of the World Cup, Cecilia Salvai will also be back in grenade, with whom you will play on the card the starting card on the left.
"Cecilia is an excellent player who has already shown that she can easily be in Serie A, I will try to put the technician in difficulty in the choices.We say, wanting to use a strong term, which will be a good fight during training".
August 23 2012

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